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ah, a horrible labret

first facial piercing, i decided to get a labret. i liked the way it looked, nice and centred, and it was something i could still get a job with, most likely. so i drove down to primal urge in new hope, where i get everything done. it's a very clean place, and they've done a nice job with everything i've had done in the past. i told them what i wanted, and they said that they did "lab-rays" with a cbr so it would heal better. i was a little put off by the 'lab-ray,' i felt as though they were correcting me. i didn't really want the cbr, but i figured whatever they said was ok. i went upstairs and the piercer was new, someone named vince. he was extremely nice to me, more so than anyone i'd ever been pierced by before. he told me what he was doing, step by step, and then announced he needed a bigger cbr. i have a somewhat full lower lip, so i waited while he went downstairs to get it. i was already terrified at the thought of the cbr, i knew it was going to make the placement much higher than i wanted. when he returned, he came with a 5/8 cbr. i was really appalled, but he assured me it would look fine. he marked the placement about 4 times, so when he showed it to me in the mirror, i couldn't tell which spot he meant. i approved anyway, because when i moved my lip to see if it was centred, he said i was smearing it. he put the needle through, and it hurt momentarily, but switching from the needle to the cbr was so smooth that i didn't even feel it. i was really pleased by this, until i looked in the mirror and saw the huge cbr. it was at least 2 centimetres larger than my lip, and when i moved my mouth it flopped to either side. i was really disappointed, but figured i would get used to it. in the car on the way home, i discovered it was crooked. my friend assured me it wasn't, so i let it pass. within the next week or so i realised how much hell it was going to be to have this. everything i ate was horrible, i could hardly drink. the cbr was much larger than needed to accomodate swelling, and everything pressed down on it. my lips were drying out and it was really starting to get sore. it started to get infected about 2 weeks afterward. a flesh coloured scab formed on the outside, and a large white bubble covered it on the inside. i wasn't sure what to do, so i tried cleaning it extra well. cleaning entailed washing the inside and outside with dial soap in the shower, using glyoxide in the morning and evening, and rinsing with diluted listerine after anything but water was in my mouth. cleaning it more didn't do much for it. when my mom went and got a haircut, apparently she met the piercer from enchanted expressions, the place a couple blocks from my house. i'd always found the place to be a little shady, but the girl said that the cbr really wasn't good for a labret, and that if i came in she'd change it to a stud for me. i went in a few days later, and the guy at the counter told me that she no longer worked there. i showed him my labret, and as soon as i said i'd gotten it done at primal urge, he started going off about them. he also pointed out that it was off centre. so i waited while he asked the piercer if he'd do it, and waited some more. when the piercer came out, he didn't even seem to know why i was there. i was somewhat annoyed, but explained it to him. he told me to go to the doctor, and asked if i wanted a stud in. i followed him into the back, and was pretty put off by the fact that the table was right next to where they tattooed. he pulled the cbr out and started attempting to put the longest labret stud that they had in. after massacring the inside of my lip, he told me that they'd pierced it 12 gauge, not 14 like they said, and that it was so swollen that the stud wouldn't go in. he put a 12 gauge taper through (i'm not even sure why he did this) and told me he could put a barbell in. i was willing to do anything at this point, so i told him it was fine. he came back with this little barbell that has little metal tubes with flat ends on either side, and put it in. it didn't hurt as bad as i thought, but it only just fit, so when he screwed the end on, it was kind of uncomfortable. he asked me who did it, and when i said primal urge, he snorted and said, "i should have known." he showed me in a mirror, and now that the barbell was in, i could see how crooked it was done. instead of being pierced horizontally, like a normal labret, it's practically a vertical. when i smile, you can see the top of the barbell. this would all be fine, since i eventually wanted a vertical labret, but the piercing itself is slanted, and is off centre. this has been a horrible experience, and if anyone in this area is thinking of getting pierced, i'd recommend enchanted expressions. they're really small, but they were super nice to me, considering i hadn't even had that done there. don't go to primal urge. they're kind of standoffish anyway.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: vince%2C+john
Studio: primal+urge%2C+enchanted+expressions
Location: new+hope%2C+pa%2Fquakertown%2C+pa

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