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the lip ring that scared the parents!

start out by telling you how long I've been waiting for this piercing. When I was in middle school, I started designing my tattoos and trying to learn as much as I could about the whole "scene." I in turn got turned on to the piercing culture as well. I talked my parents into letting me get my ear pierced for my 16th birthday...with a gun (AGGHHH!!It turned out fine but I had to start stretching from a very small hole) I have since gotten 3 more ear (1 more in left (18 and 14, still got a ways to go) and 2(same as left) in right) and my cartilage (16) in my left. I also have my nipples (14) and I'm getting another cartilage in each ear this weekend probably. But on to the lip piercing. Since I have been into the punk scene for a while as well, the lip ring has always appealed to me. I told my parents that I wouldn't get it done until I moved out cause they said it sickens them (weirdos) Well, about a month ago, the time came that I would be leaving for college in less than a week and the people at my work (a borders books and music store) and I was even going to the beach, where my favorite piercer, Paco at Swirled World (who did my nipples), would be. Everything was going great until we got to the beach. Me and my girlfriend (who goes with me for all of my mods) went down the boardwalk to see Paco. WE got there and the piercing room was completely gone. We asked the guys there what was up, and apparently Paco decided to get up and leave in the middle of the summer, much to everyone's dismay. Totally disappointed, I walked the beach wondering whom I would go to. A couple of days later I was calling around to see if any tattoo shops had openings for an arm piece I wanted done (I still haven't found someone to do all of the tattoos I want) and everyone was booked. Fatty's said they might be able to fit me in so I got on the subway and went to Dupont Circle. When I got there, they were to full to fit me in anyway. I got an appointment for the next Saturday (with Chris, my new tattoo artist) and was getting ready to leave when I saw Dave. I knew right away that he was the piercer (you can just tell these things) and said, well while I'm here...I talked to him about getting my lip pierced. We went over a few things and he had time so I decided to go for it. He had an apprentice (small world, same girl who had done my cartilage at a crappy backdoor tattoo studio near my house) so he was going through everything very slowly so that she could see. He started by having me rinse out my mouth with listerine twice. Then I laid down and he got ready. We decided on a 14ga ring that was a little larger than I wanted (but he knew best cause it did swell up some) He explained everything to me and the girl while he was doing it. He sanitized the area and must have changed gloves a dozen times during the whole procedure. He got everything out on a tray that he would need and then told me to lie down. He marked the spot on the outside and asked me if it was good, I told him yes and then laid back down. He then used some tool to mark the inside at the same spot. He clamped it again and pulled the lip out a little. He got the needle ready and went through from the inside. I could barely feel anything at all. It felt like I bit my lip, but not even that painful. He slid the ring through immediately and used tweezers to get the ball on. Then I was done. He had me rinse out with some more listerine and then I sat there for a minute. We talked about piercing for a little while after that and got to piercing at Ocean City. When I mentioned Paco he asked to see my nipples. He then went on to tell me that I didn't actually get a "nipple" piercing really, because he went a little deep and went behind the nipple. It doesn't change anything really, but it proved to me that he really knows what he's talking about. Dave was very knowledgeable and I plan on going back to him for anything I ever want and I recommend him to everyone that asks. After care was easy. I bought some tech2000 from him and used that. He also told me not to use any kind of soap anymore on any piercings. I used aerosol saline. This made sure that no bacteria could get anywhere near the piercing. It also doesn't allow any material inside my body either. I just washed my mouth out with the rinse and then clear the outside with a q-tip and saline then soak saline into the piercing with a cotton ball. That's it, and it healed perfectly, no pain later or anything. The only problems that it's caused are the tiny groove in my front tooth from when I would turn the ring with it near the beginning, and when I bite down on it every now and then when I eat things like burgers that take up my whole mouth. But let me tall you, when I look in the mirror and see that ring there, I wouldn't care how much it hurt or how much it gets in the way, because that's how good I feel when I see it there. If you have ever felt the way I did, then you need a lip ring. It's one of the few that those trendy preppy kids haven't gotten into yet also. So it has a nice individuality that comes with it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Dave
Studio: Fatty%27s+Custom+Tattoos+and+Piercings
Location: Washington%2C+D.C.

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