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Third Time's A Charm!

rst time I got my tongue pierced was at a huge concert, the HFStival...bad idea. I was afraid it was going to hurt alot, so my best friend sat next to me and I squeezed her hand. It didn't really even hurt at all! The woman who pierced it, pierced it crooked, so I went back about an hour and a half later, and they did it again for free, this time it was fine. About three days later the barbell was hitting a nerve in my tongue making the tip of my tongue numb! So, of course I took it out,it was infected too, and took medication for the infection. Needless to say my mother wasn't very happy about it, but I didn't tell her I also got my belly button pierced there too. Oops! After all of that, I didn't really care about getting it done again , but then all of the sudden I really wanted it again, so I decided, why not? I knew that I liked it the first time. About 4 months later I went to a real piercing place, Inkers, and got it pierced for real. Inkers was really clean and the people seemed to know what they were doing, which made me feel about one hundred times better about getting it done there. I was scared again, because this time I was by myself, and was at some place a guy at the mall told me to go to cause thats where he got his done. The woman who pierced it was someone who looked like you could trust,she was really nice, and she made me clean my mouth really well, and told me to close my eyes, and it was done. I was still afraid it was going to hurt, but I have a high threshold for pain, but again it didn't hurt at all! It bled for about an hour and then it was fine. She told me to go suck on ice for about two days, I did, and it made it feel a lot better. My tongue barely swelled and I was eating normal food the smae day, and talking fine,a few people say I have a small lisp sometimes, when I get tired and lazy, but I can deal. I've had it for two weeks not and no prolems!! I am waiting to get a shorter barbell, and one that glows in the dark, or is a little more exciting than just plain silver. Maybe even something that isn't as noticeable. I went back yesterday for a tatoo of a dolphin on my lower back, and I love that too, it was done by the same woman.I am really happy with my piercing, cause I usually have trouble with them, I have a hard time healing. The piercing place sold me this spray to use, it was water and silver, I think. I think that that spray helped a lot too in healing and not getting infected. The only problem i have is keepin it a secret from my mom, but i think she knows, and just isn't saying anything. I hooked up with the first guy since my tongue piercing, and he loved it!! All I have to say is go to a real piercer, where you know of other people getting things done well... and take care of it, it gets infected VERY easily! LISTERINE!!!!! I found that my teeth got whiter too, cause I brush them about a million times a day and use listerine every time I eat or smoke or drink anything. So thats a plus! I am really happy with it, I don't think its for everyone though, cause as a girl I know guys sometimes get the wrong idea about me, but thats their problem, not mine!Other than that I recommend it, but get it cause you want it, not cause you think it'll make you look cool, I don't think thats what its about. Whatever you do, go to a reputable place, not some place you find on the street randomly, cause you never know about their procedure on cleaning the tools they use. At inkers, everything was pre-packaged, and already sterile, one time use things, which made me not as nervous about infection. A few questions I had before getting my tongue pierced were, how much is it going to hurt? will I be able to talk normally? how long will it hurt? and is it permanent?( will I be able to take it out when I am older, and decide I was a stupid teenager? hehe). Most of these questions I have answered, but I'll answer them again. For me it didn't hurt much at all, even less than biting your tongue. I could talk normally the same day. It didn't hurt for very long, but advil is VERY good for the first week or so. No its not permanant, well, once you take it out the hole will still be there, but it will shrink small enough that you will not be able to put a barbell back in. E-mail me if you have any questions about healing or what exactly they do when they pierce you. ~LiLi~


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Studio: Inkers
Location: MD

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