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My my, I didn't even flinch!!!!

mes the coolest things happen in life when you don't really plan or think to much about them. Thats what happened with my second facial piercing. After getting my tongue pierced at 16 I wanted so badly to get other things done but something was always in the way, whether it was sports or work or my parents, I just wasn't able to do it. So after waiting 3 years and a few months I finally made the decision to do it. Because I had graduated and college was starting in a few days I figured it was the perfect time. Plus I had just quit my job at a very conservative local bank (I had to hide my tongue piercing from them). You should have seem me the day afterwards, I dyed my hair candy apple red and wore combat boots with fishnets, the whole nine yards... My brother is a tattoo artist and has been for about 3 years and a lot of the time I make the hour and a half drive down to the shop just to hang around and help out. The day I decided to pierce my labret was just one of those days. IT was a sunday so I knew that only my brother and the piercer would be there. At the shop they actually have two different piercers and on this particular day my favorite guy was gonna be there. I know him soooo well and he is sooo cool. He is the drummer for my brothers band and he's actually become like another older brother to me (i already have 2). He even used to go to my softball and basketball games in high school. So, I had absolutely no worries heading down there. When I got to the shop I played it like I was just there to hang out and stuff and after a while I began to get antsy. So, when my brother went outside for a smoke break during a tattoo session I told him I wanted my labret pierced. He was totally psyched because we had talked about what piercings would look good on my a long time ago and we had both decided a labret would look awesome. Just at that moment, Kyle walked out and asked what was up. Tony (my bro), announced that Kyle would be piercing my labret tonight. I think they were my excited about it than I was! Kyle began to joke that he didn't know how Tony was gonna take it if he "poked" me for the first time tonight and I joked back that he could defend himself my telling him and I wanted it and I paid him the $20 bucks to get "poked". We got pretty goofy and after a while I went back inside and sat around waiting for Tony to start on his next client. I hung around and cept the guy company and tried to keep him mind off the tattoo (its a very large black and grey grim reaper on his rib panel)and waited for Tony to take another break. Because Kyle and I both knew that he would hurt us if we didn't wait and let him watch. Finally after Tony was about halfway through the tattoo he said he was ready. I still wasn't the least bit nervous because having my brother there and another almost brother really puts your mind at ease. Also by helping out around the shop I was able to watch a lot of piercings being done and I kinda got to know the procedures. So we all wandered into the piercer's room and I sat down on the big black chair/bed thingy. Kyle had already laid out all the tools and everything he'd need. He handed me a cup of listerine and i knew the drill. As I was rinsing my mouth out he opened every instrument right in front of me which was totally cool, to do even though I totally trust the guy, he still waited until I was in the room to open everything. He even commented on how much he loved the sound of opening fresh tools. As he was marking my lip he began to talk to Tony about some guy they both knew who owned a shop and pierced his own septum and blah blah blah...i sat there just watching them going "hello!...can we get to piercing now?" I guess I was finally getting a little nervous, actually I wouldn't call it nervous, more like excited. Kyle picked up the clamps after we all (yea, tony had to make sure it ws placed perfectly) decided it was good and proceed to clamp down my lip. This whole time Tony was standing right over his shoulder making the funniest faces (not on purpose! but you know those kinda scrunched up faces when someone is really paying attention or something) and I began to giggle. Finally Tony moved to the side of the room and Kyle picked up the piercing needle and told me to take a deep breath and so I did, and nothing happened, and he told me to take another and thats when I felt him push the needle through and I heard Tony..."sh*t!! thats crazy!! you didn't even blink!! oh my god you suck!! oh...sorry, your not done...I'll shut up now" By then I was giggling again and I didn't even realize we were done...It was so cool, I couldn't stop looking in the mirror and Tony couldn't stop freaking out about how well I'd done. He told me that when he'd gotten his he was cussing and stuff under his breath and I didn't even flinch!! How cool is that. So, I wandered back out to the front and finished off my night keeping the guy with the grim reaper company, every once in a while taking a glance in the mirror. Now...over 2 weeks later, my labrets pretty much healed and it looks awesome. Now, anyone who is thinking about doing it, I would say go for it totally. Lets see, the only problems I had with it was that it got caught on my gums for a while but that only lasted about a day and I also had to eat a bit slower, but other than that, I am sooo dang happy with it! So, tomorrow, instead of another piercing I'm going in for my next and fifth tattoo!! Maybe I'll write about it in the future!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Kyle
Studio: Tattoo+Evolution
Location: Everett%2C+WA

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