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Self Piercings

made you do that?" This was my aunt's first question on the following morning of my dealings with Whiskey and a Safety Pin. My reply: "I got bored." "Oh" And my Aunt goes back to making her-self a pot of coffee. It all started with one of my friends, Rachel, getting her tongue pierced in 8th grade. I knew I wanted my tongue pierced, that was a given, but it seemed like everyone was getting their tongue pierced, Cause "It's the thing to do". Well, after noticing more and more people with their tongue pierced, I decided that I just couldn't do what everyone else was doing. So along cam the lip piercing I had seen in a magazine, and I knew that that was the thing to do. Just so I could strut around and start a new fad in my little dinky dinky town. Well, at the time of this descion I was living with my mother. When I approached her with the question, and she gave me a reply with a look of impending doom, followed by: "If you do that, you better give you soul to God, child, because you body is mine for maiming." Needless to say, I was a good little girl and ran like hell until she cooled down enough, and stopped waving the steak knife around like it serial murder on a 2-week binge of PCP. So, I turn 16, and go off to live with my aunt. My Aunt, being the cool person she is, kept asking me when I was going to start doing the stupid shit that all teenagers do. I would merely shrug, and putter off about my business, not thinking anything about it. She keeps asking me in jest and in truth about this question. Grins Well, finally, she asks me once more while we're watching a movie one night. I answered her with the most devious maniacal grin I can form, and stood up and left the room. Leaving her sitting there in the chair with a very confused look on her face. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a small pot, put water in it and let it boil. I took a large safety pin from my sewing kit and tossed it into the boiling water. Then rummaged in my jewelry box, for a large enough stud for my lip. I finally picked one with a pearl ball on it, and rounded backing, and tossed it into the boiling water as well. Taking some gauze, and took my make-up mirror and set it on the downstairs coffee table. Laying the gauze next to it, I went back to the kitchen. Grabbing a large shot glass, I poured myself a shot of whiskey and downed it. After I got down with coughing and stumbling fit, I took a small bowl and poured some vodka into it. Then scooping the safety pin, earring and it's backing out, and immediately plopped them into bowl of vodka. I grab two chunks of ice, throw them into another glass, and did another shot of whiskey (Cause I despise pain, him and me have never been very chummy ;)). When I finally pulled myself up from the floor, where I had wilted from the second shot, I grabbed the ice and bowl. Stumbled my way out of the kitchen into the living room. Slammed in Pink Floyd "The Wall", and plopped my self in front of the Mirror, attempting to concentrate on only one of the two reflections of myself (I'm a lightweight when its comes to booze, can you tell?). Taking the chunks of ice, I placed on the inside and outside of my lips and proceeded to drool on my hands, while humming the lyrics to "Blue Sky". Until I finally snapped out of it, and dropping the ice. I took the gauze, and dipped it into the bowl of vodka and swapped the outside of my mouth, cause I remembered seeing the Piercer doing that for my ears when I was 7. (Don't ask me why, I don't know) Yanking the needle out of the bowl, I grabbed my lip, aimed and fired. Ramming the needle through the center of my lip and would have ended up with a pierced tongue as well, if it hadn't been for the final inner layer of skin on the inside of my mouth to stop it. That's when the problems really started, I couldn't get the needle completely through. No matter how much I rammed, wiggled, twisted, flicked, cursed or swore impotence on the needles' grandchildren, it still wouldn't go all the way through. Low and Behold, I'm not about to be intelligent, and just yank the needle out and admit defeat. No! I get the BRILLIANT idea to get a steak a knife. (Can you tell this is getting ugly kiddies?) So, I finally manage to pull myself to my feet, and with the grace and agility of a bull with a 2x4 crammed up it's ass, I make my way to the kitchen. With this needle bobbing up and down in my lip. Grabbing the nearest steak knife (Don't try this at home buckaroos), I stumble back to the living room, and flop down in front of the mirror. Taking my lip with my two fore fingers on top, and my thump pushing on the bottom of the needle. I take this steak knife, flip my lip out, and begin sawing away at this thin little skin. (Can we say "Overkill" here?) Finally, couldn't have been but a few seconds of sawing, when the needle finishes coming through. So there it is. I'm sitting there with large safety pin hanging out of my lip, some blood on the blade of the knife, some more on my fingers, with even more coating my lips. I looked like some bleach blonde bimbo from a "B" horror movie gone totally wrong. Well, dropping the knife, I grabbed the stud, yanked the safety pin from my lip, and began putting the stud in. Only for it to take me 10 painful minutes too finally find the exit hole to the inside of my lip with the stud. (As you can see, this took quite awhile if I was beginning to sober up, and actually feel pain) So I placed the backing on the stud, picked up the bowl of the vodka, sipped from it, swished around in my mouth, and swallowed. Stood up slowly, stumbled to my room, and made to my bed just in time to pass out and hit my head against the wall. (Or something I'm still not sure what I hit) Needless to stay, it did get infected. After I got on the net and began looking up thing about piercing, and after care, I handled it. Got rid of the infection. Even more surprisingly, or perhaps just sheer luck of god, the piercing was straight. (Its on the lower lip on the left side, If I didn't mention, which surprises the fuck out of me that was straight with where it's at.) The backing of the piercing was just low enough so I wouldn't bite on it when I ate, and high enough and at just the right angle so that the backing rested between the indentation of two crooked teeth, and didn't rub against the gums. I still have the piercing, since I did it 3 years ago. It's even healed up nicely. I'm very surprised that it even lasted a month, but thanks to all you Piercing parlors on the net, with you After Care pages, everything turned out fine. THANK YOU! I would write up the names of the Studio pages with URLs, but I don't have them anymore. And you know what? I still have the same stud in it that I did 3 years ago. I've been planning on getting something new for about 2 and half years, but I can never find anything to beat this pearl earring stud. Call me sentimental. One tip kiddies, if your planning on getting a piercing, be it lip, eyebrow, tongue, navel, whatever. Do not do it yourself, just because I had the luck of the Devil, does not mean you will. Get in done professionally, costs more, but it's damn well worth it. Evil grin Cause if it gets fucked up, you can blame it on them. (JK!) Instead of having a horror story like mine.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Myself
Studio: Livingroom
Location: Fehliem%2C+Germany

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