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my vertical labret

i'm here to add the story of my vertical labret piercing because i think there is only one other vert. labret experience on here. and i know there are more people interested besides me that would like more information on the piercing. well for a few months now i'm had my mind set on getting a vertical labret piercing. now my parents are completely against body modification and go nuts over the fact that i have a conch and anti tragus piercing done. so i hide most of my twenty three piercings, (12 ga top and 14 ga bottom navel, 14 ga verticle cleavage surface, 12 ga nipples, 8 ga center tongue, 14 ga venom tongue, 18ga anti tragus on both ears, 8 ga conch, 0ga lobe, 4 ga lobe, 14ga second lobe holes in both ears, 4 16 ga helix on each ear) and both of my tattoos (a star around my nipple and a tattoo of lenore, roman dirge's comic book about the adventures of a cute little dead girl pook pook pook). but i really had my mind set on getting this piercing done. i decided that i would go and get it done when i went away to school in philly. i did research on bme and the internet to find myself shops to go check out... i came across infinite and when i went there i was very happy with my finding. it was a very profession and relaxing environment. and i've gone to many different place to get pierced and in comparsion this is one of the best places i've been to. so i go in with my friend who was getting her conch done that day being my usually excited hyper self that i am before getting pierced , and tell the guy at the counter,(who had an awesome tongue splitting) what i was planning to do. i said i wanted to get a vertical labret with a curved barbell, he asked luis if he would do it with a curved barbell and luis sed he only does them with curved barbells. i decided on a 14 ga steel curved barbell. he asked me if i had any quesitons about it and the only thing i could think of was does it hurt, piercings never hurt my i dont know why i asked that his answer was, he never had one so he didn't know but if it did he said the pain would only be two seconds which i already knew. and i went to sit down and wait my turn. when it was my turn i had to rise my mouth out with listerine for a minute and not touch my mouth afterwards just like with any oral piercings. then i go into the room and sit in the chair. luis decided to put a curved barbell that was a little longer then my lip cause one size down was the exact size of my lip and would be good if my lip decided to swell, (which it did but not too much) so it took about 5 minutes to get the marking right and lined up, checking and rechecking it, and redoing it once. but it could have taken forever and i wouldn't have cared as long as it was straight. then he put the clamp on and everyone always says that the clamp hurts but i have never noticed that. and then came the needle which didn't hurt one bit.. but don't go by me i don't ever really feel pain. needle went through followed by the jewelry. and then he took two photographs of my vertical labret piercing. i looked in the mirror and was very very pleased with the results. i was given a little pamphlet with after care information.. and what i liked about the aftercare was that he wasn't preaching one specific way that it should be cleaned. it was more like picking a way that works with your body. and since there isn't really any part of the piercing that is inside that mouth he said just to use some mouthwash after meals because it in the area of the mouth. now i've been to places that told me to stay away from bactine but that and salt water soaks seem to be what works best on my piercings so that i what i use. so anyways. it's been 2 weeks now and it is healing beautifully i've had now problems, it wasn't even soar at all and was only swollen for 2 days. people are always coming up to me asking if it is two separate piercings and no it's not. for anyone who doesn't know, it is basically a piercing that goe straight through the lip, one ball rests on top of the bottom lip and the other ball is at the bottom of the lip. but i would rather have ppl come up to me and ask quesitons then make comment like i can't here them or stare at me like i have a growth on my face. piercing really is an addiction and i'm already thinking about what i want next and i know i will go back to infinite to get it done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: luis+garcia
Studio: infinite
Location: philly

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