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impressed? A monroe on bid night

I'm baaack, you may remember me from such piercing expirences as, "an old piercing turned new" and " a very merry unanniversary" well now i'm here to tell you about my monroe. a tale of woe that involves ethics, capilitlism and yes, sorority girls. This piercing has been on my parts of body to pierce next list for a few months. Now it is tradition in my sorority that on bid night the sisters and some of our new members go and get various and asundry body parts pierced and/or tattoed. So I decided that this would be an good time to get my Monroe. The location we decided to go to was Diversity, a place which I am not too fond of, but my regular piercer Frank at Imagination Station closes up shop at 8:00 and it was already 10:00 when we left so I figure well I really want to do this one with my sis's, it's a facial piercing it's pretty hard to mess up i'll be ok i'll just make sure I take extra good care of it. famous last words... So my sisters congregate at this Diversity place and after a peroid of indecision everyone decides to go through w/ it. So I walk up to the counter and tell them what I want, they show me jewlery, not much of a selection so I opt for a standard silver labret. I was really annoyed at how they treated me at the front counter they were kind of rude and couldn't awnser my questions about pain and such. but i'd already paid right? so I went and chilled w/ my girls until they called me back. three of my sis's came to hold my hand and watch the festivities. So we all crowded into the room and Tim my piercer for the event preped me.

As far as the pierce goes the room was tiny and not a clean as I like also although everything was autoclaved and they used antiseptic they weren't as sterile as I am accustomed but I was there and determined to go through with it. So Tim helped me find a good spot on my face he ended up talking me into a spot much higher than I really wanted, but I thought he knew what he was talking about so I caved, so he marked the spot had me swish w/ listerine and swabbed my upper lip w/ betadine, then he cleaned me off marked the spot again and had me lay back, at this point i got really nervous even more nervous than I was for my Clit Hood which I problably should have taken as a bad sign. Tim clamped my lip w/ tongs, at which point I closed my eyes, I diddn't want to see the needle coming. my sisters/spectators grabbed my hands and then I felt a sharp pain through the left side of my mouth which, unlike my hood and navel, lingered for several seconds, then the jewlery was through and it was over though still throbing, I bled a little and Tim cleaned me off. I looked in the mirror and of course, fell in love w/ it all my Sis's were really impressed no one had ever heard of a Monroe before I got mine, tiny nose screws and tongues with the occoaisonal nipple or two, which by the way, is next on my list, is about as hardcore as they get. But I digress, my monroe is absolutely fabulous, however, this story is not over yet. Now I present you with one of the many reasons you should always go w/ someone you trust for any kind of piercing even a simple seeming one. Later that evening I was having a midnight snack w/ one of our new members and the back of my labret stud fell out. Diversity is all about money they don't care about making sure that their customers have quality Jewlery or that their piercers follow proper procedure. So basically I paid forty five dollars for a peice of crap. I went home immeadately and tried to screw the back back on but this piercing is a bitch to change the jewlery on so I wrestled w/ it for awhile but to no avail, the stud would not stay put w/ out the back so I ended up with a longer curveed barbell in its place w/ a band aid to keep it on. I was really pissed about the whole ordeal and decided then and there I was done w/ Diversity and went straight to Imagination Station the next day to have my usual piercer Frank take a look at it I brought my crappy labret stud and it was a good thing because, Frank is moving his shop really soon and he closed up piercing a week ago and had no jewelery in stock. So I told him what happend and why I let diversity pierce me in spite of their bad rep. He took a look a my cheap ass Jewlery and told me that he could prolly screw the back on tight enough that it wouldn't come off so he set it in a strealizing soak and found some gloves, then I sat down on the old familaer piercing table and he set about reinstalling my jewlery which hurt like a bitch because to find the hole he had to use the jewlery I had in the hole already and that jelwery was externaly threaded so it kept catching as it slid out not pleasant at all. then he asked me what aftercare they told me to use and I told him listerene on the inside and bactine on the outside, He informed me that this is actually really bad for the piercing and that I should use antibacterial soap, salt soaks and a mouthwash called biotene that is not alchol based and therefore does not cause swelling. So I thanked him profusely ordered a new labret w/ a gem end from him and went on my merry way swearing never to go anywhere else for piercing as long as I continue to reside in Las Vegas no matter if it is bid night or not. I love my Monroe now that every thing is fixed up and I get all kinds of reactions about it. But I post this as a lesson for all, think twice before going to a studio you don't like just because everyone is going that night, stick with what you know. I learned the hard way. Deb


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Sept. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Tim
Studio: Diversity
Location: Las+Vegas+%2CNV

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