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Friends Don't Let Friends Pierce Them....

started when my boyfriend left me at our friends house while my boyfriend went to work. At first, all was well, me and Monster were hanging out and having fun. Then he let me in on a little secret. He had been studying body piercing from books, online, and talking to piercers. He showed me his needles and clamps, his autoclave (the sterilization device), etc. I was not surprised, Monster has almost as many piercings as I do. (I have 2 eyebrow, 1 monroe, 2 tongue, 2 bottom lip, both nips, both outer labia, and navel)

He asked me if I wanted to be a test subject for free. I was about to say "No, thanks," (I'm not stupid, I'm not about to get pierced by an amateur, free or not) but then he told me of all his successful piercings on our mutual friends, and he would pierce himself in front of me, just so I could see how good he is. So I figured what the hell, and I watched him pick out a needle, the jewelry, put the gloves on, position himself, and (no lie) pierce his frenum. All cool and collected, he talked to me through almost the whole process. Not bad. After some deliberation, I finally decided to have my labret pierced to match my two lip rings and my monroe. I hadn't gotten it before because I figured too many piercings in the same area might be overkill, but considering I have 19 other piercings, I'm already way too far over the line to worry about overkilling anything. I also love how piercings look on me, especially mouth piercings, and I love playing with them. So anyway, he put the clamp thing on my bottom lip and made the lil' dots, still talking to me casual as ever. He then placed the needle over my lip, and told me "Close your eyes...1...2... inhale... WHOOPS!!" I opened my eyes. The needle was halfway through my lip. I looked at him questioningly. He pulled the needle out and it was horribly bent! Turns out he hit the clamp somehow and proceeded to disfigure the needle. Whatever, he was very apologetic. Now here's where I'm stupid. I told him to try again. Well this time he gets the needle through. Straight, perfect, in the right place. But for some reason, the jewelry wouldn't fit into the end of the needle, to push it through. So now I have a 3 inch needle stuck in my lip and he's trying to push the sucker through like hell! (You're also not supposed to keep the needle in longer than a few seconds for some reason, and now we're pushing a minute.) Finally I told him (as best as you can tell anyone anything with a needle in your lip) to take the needle OUT and then quick! put the jewelry in. Well he went to go take the needle out of my lip with hands shaking like a leaf. That's when I noticed he was sweating profusely. The sight of me sitting with a needle in my lip was too much for him. That's when he reluctantly told me that he closed his eyes for each piercing he did. I backed away from him, pulled the needle out myself (ouch!) and proceeded to pass out on the floor. An hour later, when my boyfriend came to pick me up, my lip was about the size of a golf ball and incredibly sore, and Monster was drunk and crying because he had hurt me. Fortunately, it didn't get infected, and I barely have a scar on the outside of my mouth. On the inside is a different story. I have a pointy lump where the hole should have been, and I have to wait at least another 3 months before I can get it repierced, and even that will be hard, because scar tissue is hard to pierce, (I know this from experience with my left lip ring). I have since forgiven Monster, he has quit piercing on his own and has gotten a job at a professional piercers as a retail boy, and learning to pierce by a professional on the side. He won't be a professional for another 2 months, but I'm sure he has learned his lesson. Let this also be a lesson to anyone who thinks a certificate in piercing is unnecessary. Just because they act like they've done it a million times, doesn't mean they have. And for god's sake, no matter how much you love and trust them, DONT let your unauthorized friend poke any holes in your body. Would you rather them have hurt feelings for a little while, or have an awful disfiguration on your body? Now go out and get yourself (professionally) pierced!! =)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Monster
Studio: In+His+Room
Location: Bound+Brook%2C+NJ

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