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I'm Hard Core (a Monroe story)

in Italy several weeks ago to visit my sister. While in Florence, I saw a girl who had a Monroe piercing fitted with a tiny rhinestone. I'd never seen an actual person with this piercing before, and I just thought it was so sexy. I had gotten my tongue pierced about 4 years earlier, and I eventually took it out because they got so common, and I was just biding time before I decided what form of body modification would be next. A few weeks later, I had some time to kill in Harvard Square. My boyfriend and I had bought tickets to a movie that didn't start for 2 hours, and we were just bumming around the square trying to remain occupied. During high school, I'd spent scads of time in the Square and I'd had my ears pierced probably 20 times at the Jewelry Gallery. So we meandered in. A sign proclaiming them as "Boston's Best Body Piercing" caught my eye. The "Boston's Best" awards are a serious deal and they're doled out yearly by a local newspaper. The idea of getting a Monroe had been floating around the back of my head for quite some time, and I decided to get it done right then and there. I had to wait for a few minutes, because someone else was getting pierced, but that just gave me time to calm down from the excitement of making this decision. My piercer was Jean, and she initially inspected my lip to make sure that I could take this kind of piercing. I already had a tiny scar on my lip from chicken pox 15 years before, and I'd always thought that that would be the perfect place for a little mole. She decided that it would work well, because the disc on the back of the jewelry would rest on my tooth, and not irritate my gums. Jean was awesome. She was very calm and explained EVERYTHING even though I already knew quite a bit from having my tongue done. Everything was spotless - she must have changed gloves 4 times before the needle was even inserted.After she inspected my lip, she changed her gloves. Then, she sterilized the piercing tray with some kind of spray solution. Change of gloves. Next, she put some paper down on the tray and laid out the needle, clamps, rubber band and jewelry on the paper. It got doused with the spray solution. Change of gloves. She then took a little pen and marked the area where I was going to be pierced (even though there was the scar there, she wanted to be certain that it was what I wanted). Change of gloves. She wrapped the rubber band around the clamps, and clamped my lip. I squeezed my boyfriend's hand and got ready for the needle. Jean told me to take a deep breath in, and blow it out. She asked if I was ready, I was shaking, and replied "guess so". The needle went in. That hurt more than I expected. I swear, that region of my body never felt as thick as when it did when the needle was going through. I could feel the steel piercing each and every layer of tissue. It took a little longer than my tongue piercing did, but that was probably because I lay down before the jewelry was inserted (I felt a little light-headed). But, once the jewelry was in, it didn't hurt so much. There had just been a little taste of blood and nothing more. I looked in the mirror, and I was very excited - it looked really sexy. However, the look on my face was a little traumatized - I think I was in a little bit of shock that I'd actually gone through with it. I went out to dinner immediately afterwards, and eating was a little difficult, until I learned how to keep the disc from getting caught under my teeth. The next day, I could eat with no problem. It's been about a week now, and I only started noticing lymph buildup (white blood cells) yesterday. I had little to no swelling, and only a little redness. The care isn't too difficult; I have to rinse with a diluted solution of Listerine after every meal, wash it with a mild soap every day (Jean recommended Dr. Bronner's Magic Baby Soap - it's an organic, hemp-based product), and I spray it with saline solution at least twice a day. And everyone I see keeps telling me how cute I look. I love this new piercing. I think the gauge and ball are a little large for my taste, but they only have to stay in until I'm healed a little better. I just bought a tiny little rhinestone stud and I can't wait until I'll be able to change the jewelry. My next story?? The tale of the vertical hood piercing I got one week later... details to come!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jean
Studio: Jewelry+Gallery
Location: Harvard+Square%2C+Cambridge%2C+MA

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