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my one week lip ring

the first time I saw a lip ring at the side, I knew I had to get it. I begged and begged my grandparents to let me get it done, but they said no. To get around this I said I would get it anyways, and they knew I wasn't joking around, so they said I could get it. I was so happy and the next weekend me and three of my friends went downtown to get it done. I had an appointment at this one place at 1:30, but we got there at 12:30. They said that was fine and they weren't busy anyways so they could do it. I was really scared now because it was my first piercing. Then the place asks me for ID, i was like "NOOOO!" because im not 16, only 14, but I had a note from my grandparents and I told them that they could call to find out that I was 16. So they called, but then they didn't believe they they were my real gardians. So we went out all sad, but one of my friends said that we weren't going back home until i got what we came down for. I was like "okay, this is downtown toronto, there's lots of piercing places here." But, it was sunday, and most places were closed. The places that were open wouldn't do it for me because they wouldn't accept anything but ID. So as our last resort was we called my friend who had her tongue pierced, but the place she got it done was no where near where we were; but, she did know a place that was near us, and they would do it without ID. So off we went, and as we got closer, I started to get really scared again, I not as bad as before because I did so much walking for this stupid thing. So, we get there, and my friends are all tired from walking so they tell me there going to wait outside. I refused to go in by myself, so one comes in with me and says he'll wait with me. So I go in, hoping my friend we called was right, and i ask if i can get my lip pierced. The guy that i asked wasn't a piercer so he says, "ya, of course, but he's in piercing someone else right now, so you'll have to wait" I said that was fine. Me and my friend went up to look at the jewelry, and that got me even more scared. Then after about ten minutes, the piercer came out and said something like "hello, what can i do for you today?" and i asked him if I could get my lip pierced, and he said of course. Then he asked me how old I was and I said 16, then he asked me if my parents knew about this and were alright with it, and I said yup. He showed me his porfolio and that got me even more scared, and sickened. Then he went to get set up and he called me back. I sat down, he told me everything that he would be doing. He put the markings of where he thought I might want it, and I had no problem with that. Then he got a big scary needle and I thought I was going to pass out.. but I didnt. He put the needle in and as he was getting the ring he said if I wanted to, I could look in the mirror and see the needle sticking out of my face. That kind of freaked me out, I did, and that freaked me out more. Then he put the ring in and that hurt like hell! Then he said I could look at it and I was like wow. Then he told me all the aftercare and stuff, I paid, and I left. Two of my friends that came with me liked it, one was more frightened of me, hehe. As we were waiting for the street car, one of them said "you know you gotta take it out for gym, right?" I was shocked. I was worryed. I said "yea, of coures I do" which I didnt. Now, that wouldnt have been such a big deal, if I didnt have gym in a week. We got home, people look, more like stared, and i loved their faces! At school, some people thought it looked cool, some didnt, some people couldnt even look at it, i loved it! But, the next week came and i had to take it out. I was so mad, but, my grandparents gave me hafe of the money that i had to pay for it, and they said I could get my tongue pierced, which i wanted more then my lip anyways, so it wasnt that bad.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: so+nice+guy
Studio: some+nice+place
Location: Toronto%2C+Ont.

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