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And now I'm beautiful

ded a long while ago that I wanted a Monroe piercing (also called a Madonna) but I had a job that had rules against visible piercings. I left that job 2 months ago and made up my mind that when I enrolled in school (something I had been putting off for a while) I would reward myself with a new piercing. I decided on Body Graphics because I knew the piercer, thought not well, and I knew, from friend's description, that he was a really sterile and talented piercer. I called ahead of time to make sure he could fit me in and he told me to just come down when it was convenient. He had me fill out all of the neccesary paperwork and took my ID to make a photocopy for the shop's files. I also paid the $45 in advance. He had the jewelry sterilized for me when I got there. As a warning however, do not trust that a piercing shop/tattoo shop autoclaves just because they tell you they do. Ask to see it if you do not know for a fact that they do and needles and other equptment should ALWAYS come out of an autoclave package right before it is used. There are too many people piercing and no real regulations so always make sure. So Ryan had me come to the piercing room with him. It was very clean and there were pictures from Tattoo magazines and other interesting artwork on the wall, defintely a good thing for anyone who gets queasy with needles. I have had many other pierings in the past, among them my nipples, my septum, labret, tongue, hood, lobes, and numerous cartilage piercings. Of those piercings the only ones I still have are my lobes, tongue, and hood. I was not worried in the least bit about the pain of the piercing itself. Ryan changed his gloves often to avoid any cross contamination. He changed them at least 5 times during the time I was back there. He marked the area where I told him I wanted the piercing and he had me check it to make sure it was correct. It was. So he started getting ready for the piercing itself. He had a tray similar to the kind they have at the dentist office for tools. He prepped the table by cleaning it off and then lying a papertowel (again the kind that they have at the dentist) on it and opening all of the wrappers on the tools and the needle in front of me. He also opened a package with an iodine swab and used the swab to clean off the outer part of the skin. He had me swish with listerine to clean the inside out as well. Then he was ready for the piercing itself. He had me sit up on the corner of the "table"(much like a doctor's examination table) and he told me to be careful not to kick the table if I felt a need to kick out. I told him that I was fine and he proceeded. He coated the sharp end of the needle with bacitracin or a similar ointment, for a smoother pierce. He told me that I needed to be really still and then he pushed the needle through. He didn't have me inhale and let out a breath like previous piercers have, and I must say that I think it lessened the pain the way he did it. I was much less tense and it hurt very little. He didn't use a cork, thankfully as I have had bad expericenes with me, so after the needle through he inserted the threaded end of the labret bar onto the end of the needle and it glided right into place. He used forceps or pliars of some kind to hold the bar still so as to get the ball on easily. He screwed the ball on and then we were done. My lip was a bit swollen and the bar felt a bit strange but I looked beautiful. Ryan asked if he could take some pictures of the pierceing and I told him that he could so after he told me about the aftercare that I ought to follow, we went outside and He snapped some photos. I thanked him for a wonderful job and we said goodbye. It was a really good experience overall, probabaly one of the best that I have ever had. As far as aftercare goes, I know what works for my body. As a general rule if I keep the piercing clean and don't play with it it heals perfectly. I avoid antibachterical soap and I clean the piercing off with warm water and give them a salt soak if they should get "cranky". I have noticed that using any sort of cleaning product, other than the salt soaks, really dries the piercing out. My body is far better at healing itself without the soap. This does not mean that it is the same for everybody, nor does it mean that if you leave the piercing alone and are not clean that it will work for you. Keep in mind, this is my personal experience. You can send me email with any questions about this kind of piercing. But please don't ask me to help you convince your parents to let you get pierced. I waited till I was legal and you most certainly can do the same.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Ryan
Studio: Body+Graphics
Location: Nashua%2C+NH

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