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cheap lip piercing

my lip piercing done on the left side of my lower lip when I was 16. It was the coolest place i could think of coz no one had their lips pierced there. Most had their's done smack in the middle while i wanted mine to the left so that's some credit to me i s'pose! Okay i was on holiday in Hongkong and my folks dumped some cash on me to spend while they went for some business function. I walked around a shopping centre and there were several shops selling jewellery, and only one did actual piercings. It wasn't even a studio!! But the bloke was friendly and we chatted and he gave me the staff key to the toilets coz i had to pee, DUH, but anyway. At that point of time I was still debating on whether i should get it pierced coz my parents are gonna flip. i roamed around the shopping mall, concentrating on that shop, walking past it millions of times i think the piercer thought i had something going for him ( yea rite).. i decided to get on with it. And it cost so little! 20 pounds is really cheap i reckon. so i went in, told him where i wanted it and i think i had to explain what i wanted in english, chinese and sign language and what nots, coz at that time side lip piercings weren't common at all and he had no idea what i had wanted. Finally he got the idea, so i hoped. He took out two needles, one fat one thin. I sed Aaaah!! i don't want the fat one please please please! and he used the skinny one on me. i sat on his lousy shaky chair in a small corner (where he keeps stocks of his jewellery) which wasn't a proper place for piercings to be done, as i have gathered from reading all the articles here on bmezine. So he cleaned the area, stuffed cotton into my mouth, marked the spot etc... i was feeling gutsy so no whimpers from me whatsoever. He held my lip, no clamps, and put the needle through, but DAMN it did not go through! why? the needle was too small the lipring was too big! so much shoving and pushing and twidling was going on and even his hands were shaking! how calm do you expect me to be then? bollocks, and so he prepared the larger needle and i waited with the smaller metal still through my lip, huffing for air, wishing it were over... he took out everything and did the second piercing with the fat needle. still the same shoving and stretching of skin and what nots. By then he was spewing out all his excuses and i was like fuck cares just get it done you knob. what's this shit about my inner lip skin being too tough. I'm normal as far as my lips are concerned and that's that. after about 10 minutes or so of needle punching, it finally went through and he put the lip ring in and screwed it shut. PHEW! i liked it, but was teased off at how long it took so i demanded another free piercing and he agreed. He sure had to! i got the webbed part of my hand, between the thumb and index finger done. F.O.C. I am going to get my tongue done soon, in a week or so. in singapore, at Johnny two thumbs, a known and reputable place. I already have had my nose, ears, cartilage and lip done. i want a tongue stud!!! some mates say it's getting a little crowded around my mouth with the lip ring, nose ring, and if i do a tongue stud. what do yous think? oh yeah the aftermath of the lip piercing. my parents went mental on me, because we are of very conservative backgrounds and they hadnt accepted the fact that their daughter was pierced up. It still bugs them and now they think i havent got the lip ring cause i took it out right in front of them when they were lashing at me. what they didnt know is that i made hourly trips to the toilet to put the ring through the hole just to ensure the hole stays. so that means i went through hell every hour. my lip was swollen and sore and i still had to do all that. moreover i hadnt any proper saline or anything. only rubbing alcohol that he gave me. and i know now that isn't the thing to use on a piercing. sheesh! hey but my lip has healed pretty well, and i love it now. all my mates think its radical and the coolest place to get a piercing done and i've got some followers. i don't mind really, as long as i know i wasnt the copycat. hehe! so that's the experience i had, and i can't say i mind very much now since it's healed very well and i've forgotten about the pain, but i know i will never get crucial places like my tongue done in cheap dodgy places like that. i'll bet it was his first lip piercing. i guess i'm done with my account, and i'll write another one after i get my tongue done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: random+male+piercer
Studio: random+shop+in+Hongkong
Location: Honkgong

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