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Another Marilyn

roe piercing is my favourite piercing ever. It's so unusal and pretty and my face just wouldn't be right without it. I can't imagine NOT having it... Anyway, I made the decision to get it done during one of my bored, need-to-get-stuff-pierced moments (referenced in other parts of BME...heh heh). I'd been thinking about it for absolutely ages - trying to decide between it and a labret - and after looking at lots of pictures on BME I decided to go for it. Especially as it was named after Marilyn Monroe, one of my favourite yummy-how-gorgeous people. Also, one of my favourite songs at the time was the Stereophonics' "She takes her clothes off" with that lovely line "I'm gonna be another Marilyn, bleach my hair and get real thin, and every body's gonna wanna dance with me" so I took all that as an omen of sorts. I could go on and on about songs and beautiful people and omens...but it doesn't have a whole lot to do with the piercing. So I'll shut up and stop being random ;) I was deeply concerned about the healing and the pain factor (yes, I'm weak and pathetic...heh heh) so I asked lots and lots of silly questions before I got it done to put my paranoid little mind at rest. I found out that different anasthetics were used on the outside and inside of the mouth (I'd never really thought about that before!) and that the whole thing wouldn't take longer than a minute. I felt hugely better after being told this! The actual piercing experience wasn't really all that fun, but that probably has more to do with my total squeamishness than anything else. It took no time at all, and to be honest, the worst bit was having my top lip clamped and pulled forward and up while the piercing was being done. It felt totally weird cause I sorta couldn't feel my lip, but I could feel it being pulled at and messed about with. It's kinda hard to explain...so I'm gonna give up trying to explain, cause it probably sounds a bit off-putting, and it's really not supposed to. Anyway, the procedure WAS over in less than a minute and it looked GREAT afterwards! Unfortunately, due to my squeamishness, I ended up sitting on the pavement outside Visual Change for about 10 minutes. I felt fine right after being pierced. I even sat in the waiting room for a few minutes to make sure I wasn't going to faint or anything (my tongue piercings resulted in a minor green-faced falling-over thing). I guess it musta been the effect of the fresh air that got to me. It was really funny cause I got some totally filthy looks from people walking past cause I was sitting on the street in the middle of the day, looking drunk or something I guess. The piercing didn't hurt too much afterwards. It felt a bit warm and tender and it HURT like a cast-iron bitch when it I caught it on anything. Which I did, quite a bit, cause I had the oh-so-wonderful luck to get a cold right after I got the piercing, so I was coughing and sneezing constantly for a couple of weeks. I doubt this aided the healing process too much. The inside of the piercing went a bit funny for a week or so, but it's healed up fine now. It felt like a mouth ulcer and stung a bit when I drank anything acid-y (like fruit juice or whatever), so I was extra-ultra-careful with it til it went back to normal again. I cleaned it with saline solution twice a day for a month, and still clean it once a day just to make sure it stays clean. I found the best thing ever - aerosol saline solution!! It's for cleaning contact lenses and stuff and it's more expensive than saline-in-a-bottle, but it's totally sterile and cause it's in a squirty can, it stays just as sterile until it's finished cause it doesn't get exposed to the air when it's being used. I sound like a commercial break now!

Anyway, I changed the stud last week from the silver ball that was on the piercing jewellery to a tiny little rainbow crystal stud. I changed it myself with no problems, although it was kinda difficult to get a decent grip on the flat back of the jewellery. I love how it looks sooo much and I'm so glad I got it done. When I'm having a punk-y day people don't seem to notice it, but it's funny to see people doing double-takes at me in the street when I'm going to work wearing a suit and looking all neat-and-tidy, but with this piercing on my face. It amuses me that people who meet me when I'm having a sensible-clothes day find it 'weird' that I have a facial piercing...like it's oh-so-unheard-of to have a good job and look 'nice' amd to (god forbid!) have stuff pierced. I'm not planning on getting any more facial piercings (well, not right now anyway!) cause I don't want anything to distract from my gorgeous monroe. I sorta have a mouth full of metal at the moment, cause of my two tongue piercings, and I love it! Maybe it's some kinda oral fixation or something. Freud would love me... So the whole thing was absolutely worth the minor awkwardness I experienced with the piercing, and again, I'd recommend Stu at Visual Change to anyone wanting stuff pierced!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Stu
Studio: Visual+Change
Location: Belfast%2C+Northern+lreland

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