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...not again!

ate on a sunday night. i'm chatting with a few friends while skimming thru bme once again. i've recently started my new job at a museum where my piercings aren't a problem. i've had my tongue done for over a year now and it's doing just fine. so, while looking at the lip piercing images for the millionth time, i decide it's time for something new. i want something more visible, and it was down to the industrial or lip. lip won. i made my decision then and there. i had wednesday off, so it was perfect. i dragged along my friend-dating-type person (who needs labels anyway?) to watch, but he didn't do a wonderful job of that. but then again, neither did i. i get to his house, we go out for breakfast and then hop the bus downtown to next wave. i walk in right after it opens and proclaim "i want my lip pierced!" the guy behind the counter looks up, and informs me that dave, the piercer isn't in yet. bah. i sit down, with great difficulty i might add, to wait. my friend keeps looking at me as i'm squirming in the seat, anxious to get this done. we thumb through some tattoo magazines and then, in walks dave! celebration ensues... he walks over to me with the release forms and i fill them out as quickly as possible, not reading the small print because i've done so before. "i will not hold you liable if my face rots and falls off after this procedure, blah blah blah." i practically run to the counter and shove the clipboard into his face. smiling. so, we're ready. everything has been autoclaved and the sterile packages are all laid out. i sit on the vinyl bench and wait while he checks everything over, marks the positioning (i wanted it off-center) and now it's time. he puts on the clamps, and my blood starts racing. takes the needle out of the packaging and says "i'm gonna put it in on the count of three, ok? 1..... 2..... (at which point my friend turns and walks away) 3!" OWWWW :) ... its a bit of a pinch, but nothing near what i figured it would be. i'm grinning, a needle hanging out of my face, and my friend has returned, a lovely shade of green. and oh, the endorphins! what a rush! then, dave gets the needle through, and the ring in. he closes it with the bead and i'm done. or so i thought. the ring he took looked ridiculously huge in my face, and so it comes out, and this starts again. he finds a new ring, smaller, and pushes the taper through. agony ensues, for a few minutes, and then he can't find the other end of the hole. he roots around for a few minutes, and then, the new ring is closed. he's apologizing profusely every 20 seconds and looks mortified for his screw-up. but i'm fine. my lip swells very little for the amount of poking it endured over the past 20 minutes, and i can still speak almost normally. because of dave's mistake in judgement, i get my fresh hole at a cost of $50. yay! then, it's down to the bagel cafe for lunch. i'm famished and high as a kite on my body's defenses, so hash browns and iced tea are lovely. smoking is a little difficult, but i'm managing... unfortunately. then comes the time to go home again... i get in the truck and my dad's face registers pure shock. he says nothing and shakes his head. i was thinking "so far, so good." or not. there was a little harsher reaction awating me at home. mother didn't find it half as amusing. (i would reccommend mentioning these things to your parents BEFOREHAND) i'm not going to go into it, beacuse i'd have to censor it all. i'll spare you the details, but the long and short of it was: she hates it. "why didn't you get your eyebrow done instead?" i see no difference. well, my biggest hurdle was overcome, and the next one was work. they are fine with the tongue, it's not overly visible unless you want it to be. i walk in thursday morning and everyone's reaction was "WHOA". they like. so, beside the fact that i'm a character in a "historically correct" play at said museum set in the early 1900's, everything is fine. today, i had an interview at a convenience store for another job, and i live in a small, fairly closed-minded community. to my surprise, i got the job. so don't let anyone tell you that you WON'T get a job with obvious facial piercings. perhaps society's attitude IS changing. i certainly hope so. all we can do to help this along is continue to prove them wrong, until they realize that piercings don't make you an evil person, it's the person, not the appearance, that is important.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Aug. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: dave
Studio: next+wave
Location: st.+john%27s%2C+newfoundland

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