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Healing my labret piercing

r had much extra cash for things like piercings in Canada. I had my ears done, my nose five years ago, tongue a year ago, belly button as a teenager, etc... I'm now and English teacher in Korea, and I have the money for this kind of thing now, but unfortunately, it's hard to find a reputable place. Piercing is just not part of the culture here. (Funny enough, though, I work at a conservative school and my boss never says anything about my nose, tongue and labret being pierced or my 8mm lobes, because he wants to respect that 'part of my culture' when I would never get away with this in Canada!) I found a place I felt comfortable with by asking a guy I trust. He works at a store that sells the largest selection of body jewelery that I've seen in Korea, but they don't do piercings. I went with a good friend for support and translation. (Remember we're in Korea here.) The place itself was okay, but through my friend's translation, I found they had some pretty odd ideas about aftercare. No pork or chicken (standard Korean advice after an operation, oddly enough) and use of a petroleum based ointment. Gulp! I decided I knew more about correct aftercare than he did, and decided to go with my own ideas rather than his. The piercing itself was no big deal. He had me press on the area below my bottom lip really hard with my finger (like really hard) before he cleaned the area. He told my friend, who then told me, that it reduces the pain. Hm... I had never heard of such a thing. He didn't use a clamp, but I'm not sure that a clamp is usually used for labrets. The pain was sharp, but very fast, and not too bad. He put the jewelery in and gave me a mirror. :) It looked lovely. It took some time to get used to the flat-backed stud, but I was loving the new jewelery. I was healing fine for a couple of weeks, until I got sick. I got a nasty cough that turned into bronchitis. It seemed like at the same time my body couldn't handle healing the new piercing. It got pretty red and sore. I was crushed. I decided to be religious about cleaning and hope for the best. Well, I stayed sick and my lip got worse. I did more and more research on the whole deal, and found advice saying that I didn't necessarily have to take out the jewelery. I also read advice saying to go see a doctor if there was real cause for concern, but that you would run the risk of going to a closed minded doctor. I decided to go and hope for the best. My doctor is super* cool! First, she's a female doctor in Korea, and that says something. Second, she's left handed. All Koreans are trained right handed, so this chick goes agaist the rules. After looking at my piercing and listening to my chest, she gave me an antibiotic for my bronchitis, which she said would clear up my lip too, and she gave me an anti-bacterial/anti-inflamatory/pain-relieving mouthwash, which I could have kissed her for! When I was about to leave she told me that if this didn't work, I may have to consider removing the jewelery. She sounded so sympathetic. Although piercing wasn't something she understood, she new it was important to me, and treated me with respect. A week later, with three 15min sea-salt soaks a day, plus all the other stuff, I was all better. :D What do you mean 'what's the moral of the story'? Oh... okay, well, let's see... Sometimes we need to have faith in the less adventurous members of our species. They're not all uptight and closed-minded. Second, if you need to go to a doctor, get off your ass and go. Because I did I took care of what was a minor infection before it became a serious problem, and I also got to save my piercing. And remember, a piercing is never more important than your health. Ooops, sorry to get all 'mom' on ya there! Okay, so I got my labret pierced about four months ago now, and all is perfect. About two months after I changed to a ring, which was definitely a good move. My gums never did stop bitching about the flat-backed stud, and the skin under the back of the stud was always weird. I can't describe what it did, but the ring is way more comfortable and my skin is all back to normal. Thanks to Shannon and BME for putting out so much quality information. You have helped me and so many others in so many ways. (Got my left nipple pierced four days ago... but that's another story...)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 July 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Never+got+his+name.
Studio: Miliore
Location: Tongdemun%2C+Seoul%2C+Korea

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