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the Labrets of all Labrets

Ok hello everybody first if you are woundering where exactly the labret is, it is between your lower lip and the begining of your chin. Well i had been talking to my friend for a while about getting my labret pierced i was sick and tired of being scared and worried about it. I had told other people that i wanted to do it but know one really believed me, i had also asked my mum because she is my parental figure and it is always good to be inline with them, she said no. so it was the night of my mums wedding and i decided not to attend it, i was at home by myself and i was bored, my mum is a nurse so we had alot of syringes in the house, CLEAN AND IN PACKETS, so i took the liberty of grabbing one i marked out where i wanted it and stuck it through my lip. Now this did hurt and it did bleed and it was done by me, but i don't think it would have hurt anymore than a nipple piercing. I didn;t have any jewerly so i stuck a normal ear stud through the front, seeing as though this piercing took place at 11 o'clock on a sunday night. The next day i walked down to the shops and bought myself a lip stud, then i walked to the chemist and asked for some antiseptic, they took a look at my piercing asked who did and as soon as i said i did it myself they handed me the bottle willingly. But they thought it was done great and cleany before i told them BAHHAHAHAHA! Anyhow it has been at least 2 months now, it is basicly completely healed it looks good, gave me no hassles and i have kissed for all those people who are worried whether it gets in the way NOT AT ALL! you don't even notice it people, and if you are kissings someone and all you are thinking about is your piercing than you are not worth it. I think that the Labret piercing is the funnest piercing i have ever had make sure it is kept clean and looker after and you will have no problems, just enjoy the experience and a hint for all you people out there, only undertake a piercing for yourself never do it under peer pressure or trying to impress. How i felt after the experience- -okay if you get your labret pierced you are going to be looked upon different, this isn't just your normal nose piercing or your eyebrow for some strange reason people look at you in disgust when you get your labret pierced. I think it's because it has something to do with your mouth or something, anyway, people are going to be rude, racist, and damn right bitchy to you when you get it done, you will experience people looking at you strangly and perhaps even just darn right looking at you in disgust. What you can do is just look at the dead in the eye and smile, or look at them dead in the eye and wave or just walk up to them and ask them whether you scare them or not. Now i have done all three of these examples but the one will come up most commonly when you are working with children. Depending on the age i find children between the ages of 3-11 will be a little scared of you. Yet i have a little brother at the age of 3 and he loves it, he told me he wants to rip it out because he wants to hear me scream, MAKE SURE NO LITTLE SIBLINGS GRAB YOUR PIERCINGS! - at schools you will find that teachers will try and suspend, i found an easy way around this, for the first few days after having my piercing i placed a bright pink bandaid across my lip, it looked great and everybody knew exactly what i had without me actually showing it which helped, but sure enough the teacher told me to take it out i simply said no and that i would do something about it that night. Sure enough teachers can't hit you so i was home free. At home i was brainstorming about what i could place in this hole i had created in my lip. Then suddenly i realised (you know those clear plastic ear rings you put in your ears during school time, well flip it over push it in through the back of your lip and wella you have a home created labret stud and NO I DIDN"t GET INTO TROUBLE COOL HUH! well i hope this has helped everybody and remember every piercing is an adventure!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: I+did+it+myself
Studio: my+lounge+room
Location: Australia

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