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My self done labret and a chicken pot pie

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess named Biffy wanted to pierce her lip so I went back in time and interviewed her... "Well, I have never had a professional piering done (except my ears when I was 5) on the grounds that I don't want anyone else to cause me pain besides myself, and they're being a "professional" doesn't matter to me becasue you can learn how to pierce in a weekend seminar. Ok so anyway, the first thing I pierced was my ears and tragus (that is a whole other story). But I desperately wanted to pierce my lip. I had wanted it for a while so I decided one day just to do it. I did it, at the time, mostly out of curiosity because I have a very low tolerance of pain and I wanted to know if I could do it. I had tried to pierce it (among other things) a few times before and the pain was so much that once I threw up I decided I'd wait til I grew some pain tolerance (Which obviously won't happen) I knew my boyfriend would get mad at me (it reminds him of his ex and thats a bad thing) so that was another draw back, but I decided that it's my lip and I'll stick a pin through it if I want. Oh yeah, I forgot about my mom. She didn't like it because of other reasons, like I guess I did some messed up stuff as a kid or whatever and have some problems and at the time I had decided to stop taking my meds (don't laugh at me) cause I didn't like being treated like a mental case (which was a little backwards). So my mom thought I was not in my right mental state when I pierced my lip (which I was). She means well and I wuv her. :) Ok,here's a detailed analogy (hehe I said anal) for your reading enjoyment: 1.I found the biggest and sharpest looking saftey pin i could. 2. I didn't have any jewlery at the time so i used a regular hoop earing. 3. I had good intentions when I tried to sterilize the jewlery and pin by boiling them, but I took them out and placed them on a dirty bathroom counter and didn't wash my hands so... 4. I put some ice on my lip but it didn't really do anything. 5. I got bored and took a bath. 6. I got mirror and set up my little piercing station in my bathtub. 7. I cried because I was mad at myself for having a low pain tolerance. 8. I worked my self into a frenzy and pushed the saftey pin through my lip ( I heard funny little pokey sounds). 9. The pin got stuck at the back of my lip. I guess the skin there is really thick or something. 10. I took it out and put the hoop in it. It looked stupid.

My lip was really swollen. I was kinda proud of myself and was admiring my work when the doorbell rang. It was my boyfriend. He saw it and yelled at me and made me take it out then he let me put it back in but said I looked stupid. He thinks I am self destructive, I just like the way a lip ring looks. My mom also said I looked stupid cause my lip was so fat. It went down in a couple days. Oh yeah HEALING hehe The healing on this was crazy. I got infected madly. My lip swelled and nasty tasting puss was coming out and it was a grody mess. So I took the ring out. It was out for 3 days and this gave me time to research, buy a labret, and clean my nasty lip. After I thought the infection had gone down, I put my new labret in (i had to stretch the hole a little). I cleaned it with bactine and peroxide.

After a while I got tired of the stud and I wanted a ring again. So I boughta circular barbell cause I think they look cool. I had recently moved and without a car it was hard to go anywhere not walking distance, and the only place that sold body jewlery (besides online) was really over priced. But I bought a cheap, flimsy acrylic pin circular barbell, it broke. Twice. ( I knew that plastic isn't good for oral piercings but I wasn't about to pay 40 over priced dollars for a stainless steel one) I went back twice and replaced it, I just had to be careful with it till I could get a better one. I really liked the way it looked though so I kept it. I got a surgical steel one a little while ago and replaced it, I put the pink plastic one in one of my ear piercings. ( I self pierced my ears more and stretched them 4 times each side) Later I'll write the story of my tragus!!"


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 July 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Yours+Truley
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