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Stainless Steel Beautymark

this is my experience with a Marlyin. I had been interested in piercing for a few years, but I never acted on it. I have two tatts on my torso, stratigically placed so that they are hidden when I have clothes on. I plan to be doctor and for some reason most smart people frown upon piercings and tatts, so keeping them hidden is the best idea. I wanted something feminine, unusual and relatively painless. So, I naturally choose a Marlyin. After debating for a couple of months I gathered up the courage to get my piercing. I went to Balticore Steel in Baltimore, MD. I had my earlobes stretched there, so I felt comfortable with them. I was very nervous and could hardly sign my life away because my hand was shaking so badly. The cleaning and marking process were almost painful because of the impending doom I felt coming and listerine for 1 minute is way painful. The clamp was finally on, tightly I might add, and Tracey(the trusty piercer)jabbed the needle through my lip. The experience was shockingly painless....it was only uncomfortable when Tracey was screwing the micro dot head on because her gloves were too big.(My fault, I'm allergic to latex and brought my own vinyl gloves.) The piercing ended up quite a bit lower than planned, but I didn't want to remove it and repierce. Tracey promised to repierce for free if I decided that it was too low. The piercing only throbbed for a few hours, it began swelling almost immediately. I love it!!!! I decided to keep it where it is, low or not. I see it as closer to a Cindy Crawford. I had minimal swelling and pain. I developed the annoying problem of biting the long post after the swelling went down and getting the disk on the back caught on my gums. So, against everyone's advice I opted to change the jelwery after only 3 1/2 weeks. I attempted to remove the back from the old jewlery and push the old piece of jewlery out with the new one (to prevent the inside from closing up, which the mouth is notoriuos for doing in an extremely short amount of time) Well, the old back would not come off and niether would the back on the new piece. I had the brilliant idea of biting the post while I unscrewed from the front. Yup, the micro dot came off instead and I lost the entire piece of jewlery into my mouth. I freaked out and while stumbling to put the new jewlery in I dropped the new Jewlery on my floor. I had to search for a minute before I found it. Once I cleaned it off again, the painful (or so I thought) part begain. Once I located the hole on the inside of my mouth, the jewlery slid right in. Screwing on the head was another story...what a pain in the rear. I kinda miss the annoyce of biting it though. Oh, well.Apparently I heal well, because my boyfriend had many painful problems with his Marlyin. I must say that for an outwardly conservative girl this is a beutiful piercing. Even old ladies admire it. My family made a bigger deal of it than my job. Surprisingly, my 26 year old brother made the biggest deal about it. My 15 month old nephew loves it and my 5 year old niece is simply confused of how I got an earring in my lip. Macy sales ladies are very rude. Just because I had a piece of metal in my lip does not make me deaf, I can hear most of what you say about me! I work at Johns Hopkins, so I expected to hear an earful. They only asked me a million questions....many are doctors and have probably never been that close to someone that was pierced. I miss the intial rush and the feeling of something strange in my body, so I fear that I may have to get another piercing. I am currently searcing for a tiny diamond for the head of my Marlyin. It will twinkle like a little star. Oh, to prevent the lip tissue from growing over the back, push it through as often as needed. It doesn't hurt that way. It's pretty common for the lip tissue to attempt covering the back. Also, if your looking for awesome custom made wooden jewerly....contact Balticore Steel in Baltimore. They're no joke. John will be more than happy to help you!!!! He's the man when it comes to exquiste exotic wood pieces and bone pieces. He can also get authentic tribal jewlery. Very funky and unusual. Love and safe, sterile body piercing Cori in Baltimore Keep 'um clean!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Tracey
Studio: Balticore+Steel
Location: Baltimore%2C+MD

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