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Labret and Madonna experience

ght that i would share my experence with you all out there seem to be loads of labret stories and not too many stories about madonnas. I had my labret done about 7 weeks ago now, and i don't think that i could live without now! I had my madonna done about two hours ago and so far everything is fine! It took my forever to work up the guts to go and get my labret done...I was petrified, my hands were shaking, i was so so scared! After i made the appointment i had to wait a couple of days which i think made thing even worse! On to the day of the piercing.... I sat down in the studio, and i had never been so nervous in my life. i could definately feel the adrenaline pumping! I've had my nose, eybrow and navel done and stretched my lobes up to 5mm, but i was not quite sure what to expect from this one. i anticipated that oral piercing would be a little bit different. With my labret Becky marked up my lip and showed me in the mirror so i could okay the position - Perfect! i wanted it quite high up so it sat right under my bottom lip....Then i had to rinse with mouthwash etc etc and then came the dreaded clamps. Personally i feel that the clamps are the most uncomfortable bit of the piercing experience. I saw th needle come out of the packet and closed my eyes - I ddn't fancy the thought of actually seeing the needle go through .... I felt a push as it went through, but i wouldn't say that it was really painful, just kinda like biting your lip really hard. It was nowhere near as bad as i felt that it would be! Then she took the needle out and the clamps off leaving he plastic tube thing hanging in my lip.... .......Then the blood started1 I had expected a few drops of blood, but not a steady little trickle that felt like it didn't want to stop! It stopped bleeding eventually and Becky screwed the ball onto the post... Apparenly i worried her because shehadn't done a lip that had bleed as much as mine! When i looked at my reflection in the mirror i was soooo pleased. When i got home i kept looking in the mirror to see my lovely new labret! Eating wasn't that difficult for me...It just took me a bit longer that normal... and so far i've oly bitten down on it a couple of times (And yes it did hurt!) I think i was quite lucky as i didn't have any swelling ir bruising at all - Maybe that's cus i bleed so much!! It had pretty much healed within a couple of weeks and it'd feel so strange now if it wasn't there! My madonna was even less painful than my labret - and it didn't bleed as much either.. I think it's cus i knew what to expect. You go in, sit down, becky doesn't really bother to explain the procedure to my when i go and get something pierced as by now i know the drill. I was marked up and rinsed with mouthwash etc etc, then came the nasty clamps... and before i could belive it the needle was through and the jewllery was being put in. I wouldn't say i hardly felt it, but it was no where near as bad as my labret - It felt just like a sharp sting and that was it. I had a few spots of blood but it was no where near as bad as when i ha my labret done. As i've only had it done a couple of hours it stll feels a bit weird, but i have had no problem eating and there is no sign of swelling or brusing yet...I think it's just gonna take a few days to get used to it being there. I wasn;t to sure whether to get a madonna done or not, but my boyfriend persuaded me saying that it would look really cool. I'm so glad i listened to him and got it done..i loveit...He's such a sweetie though, he paid for me to have it done as my christmas present!!! When it's healed i wanna get a litlle gem stone set ball to go on it - i think it'l look cute! Either that or becky told me that one company makes little stars to go on labret posts so i might go for one of them, i haven't really decided yet!!!!!! If you're thinking of geting a labret or a madonaa done (Or even both like me) i say go for it...the pain lasts or a couple of seconds if that (And it is really that painul, honest!) and you end up with a beatiful looking piercing...I have fallen in love with mine and it'd take a hell of a lot to get some one to make me take them out. My mum doesn't lk them, but i'm 20 now so she;'s decided that there's not a lot she can do about it! Happy Piercing! If you're thinking of getting anything done - Go for it, you'll b a much happer person..I feel like me now i've been had had the needle - it's made me feel like who i want to be Have Fun and stay smiling!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Becky+Budd
Studio: Daisy
Location: Staines%2C+UK

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