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My second Labret experience ......

well I already had my Labret pierced once right when I just barely turned 14 , and well I've had many other piercing experiences since then ...but lately (about 4 months or so) I'd been wanting my Labret pierced agian , kinda right below my first one , but since I recieved my tongue piercing my mom didn't want me getting any piercing's for 6 months! and that almost killed me ! but finally the day came when I could go get my piercing agian. I wanted to get an Industrail and my Labret in the same session. So I called my cousin (a day before the appointment) because she likes to go with me for all my piercing's , and I asked her what time would be good to go for her ..she told me anytime would be fine with her. So we decided to call Koi's and set up an appointment kind of right after school around 4:30 pm. So the next day went by , and my mom was in a bad mood when she came and got me from school ..I thought she might change her mind about the piercings I wanted to get ..but she didn't. We went and got my cousin from her school , and headed home .. Well around 4 pm , I wanted to leave , but my cousin wanted John at Koi to put in her beads in her CBR's ..so her mom (that lived really far away) started to come over. I thought if we didn't leave then we would never make it on time . So we decided to WAIT for her mom to bring the beads ..which was kind of a bad idea because we ended up leaving for the studio at about 4:40 pm (already late). I called Koi and wanted to check if Curt was there , to tell him we were running late. So I called and he wasn't even there yet , so that was good! We went on our way , and it took about 30 min. to get there. But right when we got there Curt was running across the street , trying to get to the studio ..so I guess it was a good thing we were late. Because Curt had just barely got their! So we went inside and we all said "hi" , and I know Curt ..so we talked for awhile ..and blah blah blah. I waited for awhile , and he was looking for some Industrial jewelry ..and it turned out that they didn't have any! So that pissed me off , and I was kinda upset ..but ohwell. Curt gave me a BIG disscount on my Labret piercing , he took off about HALF!! and he also is gonna notify me when they get Industrial jewlery so he can do that one for me to :) He's also giving me 25% off on the whole procejure for my Industrial , so I was happy about that :)

So anyways , we went and got everything set up ..for the piercing I was gonna get . And he asked me and my cousin to come back in the room. I sat down , and he sterilized everything. Thats why I love Koi , they are like the most piercing studio in Utah! But anyhow ..he gave me some mouthwash and stuff and he cleaned the area for the labret. He marked it , trying to make it even with the first one. But it took him about 30 min. to get it where he thought it looked good , I told him I agreed. So he had John Pratt come in and check it , and he said it looked a little off ..and so they fixed it about 20 more times , by now my whole chin was purple ..because of the marked. And finally about 30 more minutes later they decided on the perfect spot.. So the whole time they were doing all of this I was breathly slowly and deeply , trying to relax myself . Curt kept asking me if I was ok , and I said I was fine .. He had me lay down , and it took him a while to get the clamps on right , because it was kind of a lower labret ..the clamp's had to be prettty low , they kind of hurt , but not really. So finally , we was getting everything ready , and I was trying to distract myself by makeing pictures out of the designs on the ceiling. Which was kind of working , but I was still doing my breathing and I could feeling my heart beating and my blood flowing through my finger's. It was weird , because I never was really this excited or maybe "nervous" about a piercing before ..I think it was because I hadn't had a piercing for aWHILE! But ok , well he did the piercing , and it felt like he was only half way through the skin when we was done . That was also weird , it kind of hurt , but not that much ..I got a 14g in it ..like my other one. But anyhow , he told me to take another deep breathe so we could put in the jewlery ..he didn't that , and that hurt just about as much as the piercing. He got everything done , and I loved it! I looked in the mirror and was very happy!! My whole mouth felt like it went numb after he pierced it ..I dont know why, it didn't do that with my other one. But I he went through the cleaning procedure with me , and I told him ..I pretty much remembered what to do ..and he said great ..so we went out of the room. To the desk , and alot of people where out there , John ask to see it . And I showed him , and he said it looked really cool , and that in Utah you dont see many labret's pierced twice , so he said I was unique :) Oh yeah , befor Curt didn't the piercing he asked if , it would be ok if after is healed , they could take some picture's of it , for their website :) and I said that woudl be great ..so there gonna do that after it's healed. Well my mom payed , I thanked her , and thanked Curt a bunch of times . And we left . All and all the experience was worth it (just like the first one) Well if anyone , has any questions about getting a labret ..just e-mail me :) and if your thinking about getting your labret done ,go for it ..it's beyond worth it! :) Well mine kinda hurt after wards , and I got it yestarday ...but it still kinda hurts , but it's ok . Ok this is long ..see ya people's ..


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2000
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Curt+Warren
Studio: Koi+Piercing+Studio
Location: Sugarhouse+%2C+UT.

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