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LordMonkey Gets His Scrumper

ed to Framingham about three months ago and soon after found a piercing studio just down the road. After talking to the piercers there i became really friendly and comfortable with all of them. By two weeks ago i had already had work done by all of them except for Jen, the very sweet girl who was in there on Mondays and Tuesdays. I felt really bad because she had helped me out with several troublesome piercings, but had yet to stick me herself. So two weeks ago i walked in on Monday and said simply, "i want to get pierced." She smiled and said "ok, what do you want to get pierced?" Now that was a good question. I had no idea whatsoever. I thought for a minute and decided that for a long time i had wanted either a scrumper and a tongue webbing, so i wanted one or the other. So i told her exactly that and said that she could choose which she felt like doing. She felt that she would need help doing either one as both were in odd places, so she called our friend Steve, the new piercer there who just completed his apprenticeship to come over and help her out. So we waited around for a while until he finally showed up. It took us a while to decide on what to do on me, but we settled on doing the scrumper since my lingum (tongue webbing) is almost non-existant, and neither of them felt fully sure about doing something as comlicated as that would end up being on me. So we made the decision and went to work. So Jen began to prep me. Everything was done as it should. The tools and such were taken from sterile pouches and placed on the disposable sheet on the piercing tray. She changed her gloves several times durign the procedure to prevent cross contamination (something to always check for, kiddos). I rinsed with Listerine to kill off all those pesky oral bacteria. Jen bent the needle into a curve so she would be able to actually pierce that difficult spot. Then we were ready. I laid down on the piercing table while Steve stood over me and held my lip up. Let me tell you, that was fun, having my lip held up by someone i just met (though we're great friends now) for several minutes while Jen tried to figure out the best way to do the piercing. She had me take a few deep breaths and she stuck me. I was amazed. I didn't feel a thing, just a slight bit of pressure. I was expecting to at least feel the needle, if only a bit. I didn't. It was the greatest piercing i've ever had. She slipped a small CBR in and stuck in the bead. It looked fabulous. Even better was that it was healed up within a day or two. Then i had problems. The next day being the day before Thanksgiving, i figured it was a good idea to put in a barbell instead of the CBR since i knew my family wouldn't be too keen on it if they saw it when i went home. So i stopped by the studio where Steve was the piercer that day and said i knew it was extremely soon after the piercing, but i had to change it. We were afraid it would be difficult, but imagine our surprise when we found out how easy it was. We switched it out no problem. Scrumpers heal FAST. While he was switching it out, he got the barbell through then let me drop my lip while he got the ball ready. I lifted my lip again and he did something and said "Did that hurt?" I asked what and apparently the bar had fallen out and he stuck it back through. I didn't feel a thing. Go figure. In fact, yesterday the ball came unscrewed and the barbell fell out. I wasn't able to put it in until more than five minutes later, but stuck it back in no problem, and this was only after two weeks. I absolutely love this piercing. I have to wear the barbell in it since i've had to visit my parents the past two weeks and my fiance is going to be visiting them next week, so i'll be down there again. But as soon as i get back i plan to put the CBR back in so you can see it when i smile. It really freaks people out when they realize i have it. That's not the reason i got it, but it certainly is fun to watch people's reactions to something they consider strange and freaky. People almost invariably say "That must have hurt so much!" Little do they know it was the most painless mod i've ever done. insert evil laugh -LM


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Jen+Morris
Studio: Masterpiece+Body+Piercing
Location: Framingham%2C+MA

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