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I'd like my labret at a 45 degree angle please.

ned 18 in August and I was hell bent on getting a tattoo to commemorate the occasion, of course, I decided to get a tattoo about a week before my birthday which means I didn't have much time to decide what I wanted. So, when my birthday arrived and I still had no idea what I wanted permanently etched on my body, I decided to hold off on the tattoo. Instead, I decided to get something pierced, because if you get a bad piercing, you can just take the jewelry out, and you lose a couple bucks, you're not stuck with it forever. It seemed logical to me. I go to a lot of punk and hardcore shows, so I kept my eyes peeled for a piercing that I thought would look hot, and I eventually decided on the labret. A couple of my friends had it done and had taken them out complaining about their gums, but that didn't bother me "I'm tougher than you! What's a little dental surgery 10 years from now.. I wanna look cool today!" (You'll notice I'm INCAPABLE of "making a long story short" sorry..)
Anyhow, I started talking to my friend Adam about how I wanted to get pierced and he told me that he goes to get his sleeve worked on every Sunday and that he'd bring me and I could get my birthday mutilation.
So, Sunday rolls around, and Adam drives for about an hour to this nice, clean, fresh smelling shop. He's known the owners for years and he swears by their work, so after a quick trip to the ATM, I took a deep breath and said "I'd like a labret piercing please" While she set up shop, she had me eat some hard candy in case I went into shock or something. I'll admit, I wasn't paying very close attention, I was kinda nervous, I mean, it was my first piercing, and it was gonna be on my face.. that's a pretty big step.. So, she sits me down, and she draws a dot on my chin, had me look at it, I thought it looked pretty good, so, next came the clamp. The clamp I decided is the most uncomfortable thing I've ever been through, honestly, you feel stupid, and you drool, and there's a giant metal clamp hanging from your face, NOT COOL. Now, it's time for me to take a deep breath and DON'T MOVE. She put the needle through my face,it didn't necessarily hurt, I wouldn't say it felt good. Now when I'm asked about the pain I say "It was just like getting a shot" because that's about as much pain as I suffered, just a quick pinch. Then she took the clamp off, which was scary, she was trying to maneuver the clamp off from around this 2 inch long piece of metal that was sticking through my face. I shuddered as I watched her (yeah, I was cross eyed through the whole ordeal trying to watch) wriggle the clamp up, and slightly over and I kind of winced in pain, although she hadn't caused me any pain yet, I was just wincing to prepare myself for a clamp removal catastrophe. She took the clamp off, and the needle was resting against my teeth as she went to get the jewelry. That was probably one of the strangest things my mouth has ever been through. Having a needle sticking through my lower lip, and resting against my teeth, I couldn't get over it ( I also couldn't swallow which meant even more drool!). She put the jewelry in, she took a picture, and sent me to the mirror.. "Hey, there's metal in my face, cool" I thought it looked pretty good, there was some redness where the needle had come out, but I'm pretty sure that's to be expected, other than that I really liked it. The next 10 minutes or so were a little difficult as my face adjusted to it's new .. addition.. I kept thinking "I'm drooling" but I wasn't, there was just cold metal on my slightly numb and swollen lip. Trying to eat later that night, and even later that week was more trouble than it was worth. I had to make whatever I was eating bite sized and flat so I could slide it through my slightly opened mouth, and then I would tip my head back and chew with my mouth open, using only my back molars. You look ridiculous, but if your having trouble eating because of swelling or even throbbing pain it's a good system. My lip was sore for probably two weeks and then once the swelling and redness went away, I was free to admire my new piercing. This is when I noticed (because I had a longer stud in to account for the swelling) that the jewelry was, well, droopy. Now, 3 months later, I see that the piercing is definitely at an angle, approximately 45 degrees (although math never was my thing) As soon as I put a shorter stud in, you could hardly notice the angle, but I still know it's there. Regardless of the slight crookedness of my labret, I still love every minute of it. I think it looks cool as hell, and I'm glad that I picked it as my first piercing. It's healed very nicely and it never rubs against my gums or teeth, in fact, I hardly ever remember that it's there. Of course as soon as I hear a random cry of "Oh my God! Did that hurt??" I remember. I suppose it just comes with the territory. For the record though: It didn't hurt that badly. No you can't touch it and no I can't shoot water out of the hole. And that's my share.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: I+wanna+call+her+Tammy..
Studio: Z+Body+Art
Location: I+fell+asleep+in+the+car..

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