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I can't eat any of the food at my own barbeque.

ne day i woke up and decided to get my reversed madison pierced. I went down to the place where I have been getting pierced since the tender age of thirteen. Way back then, when piercing was alot more rare, I went there pretty confused and expecting to get a toungue piercing. The piercer at the time, Dave, told me flat out "no", he thought I was too young and not responsible enough for the extensive aftercare. Which i now believe is true, considering all the 13 year olds I see nowadays-as a worker at Hot topic-with infected gross, oozing, gangrenous tongue studs. After looking at jewelry for about two hours I decided to get my septum pierced instead and from that first time,enjoying my brand spanking new septum ring swaying in the breeze, I knew that my experimentation was going to be a lot more extensive. which it was. When I got to the studio, my piercer, Billy, talked me out of doing the reversed maidson due to his own horrific experience of migration and infection, he said he had it for five years and it never healed just right due to an active lifestyle. That's pretty much the same for me so I decided against having a needle inserted through the back of my neck. Thinking about it it was not a good idea anyway because after a couple years I would have a scar from the growout. After some time of contemplating... about fifteen minutes, I decided to get my cheeks pierced. I was pretty calm since I have so much other stuff sticking out of my face, my septum at a 6 gauge, lebret, my bridge, my lobes at five eigths of an inch and four gague conches. My girlfriend was a little more squeamish, so she had to vacate the premises, she doesn't like to watch the needles even though she has piercings.(dont ask)
I was led into the room where I was given the lowdown on what was going to happen to my soon to be swollen cheeks. He told me that they almost always swell to massive amounts. I got that strange feeling of adrenaline and exhiliration. When the listerine was in my mouth I was like o.k. no turning back. They were to be pierced with 7/8" 14 gauge barbells. I wouldn't recommend this to the "newbie" piercee. It felt like getting three or four lebrets done at once,which for those who don't know, feels like a tearing sensating, or a popping of painful water balloons. then i realized that the other still had to be done. It felt like a horrible tearing, stinging, bad pain. No clamps were used in this procedure, which would have made it worse but luckily the piercers I go to have never used and clamps on me whatsoever and all of my piercings have never had any problems. Unfortunatley as was expected it swelled almost immediately.When my girlfriend saw me the look on her face was priceless, shock and disgust melding together, obviously she did not exactly fall in love with them at first sight. She commented that I looked like a clown due to the placement of my septum ring bead, lebret, and cheeks. It did quite resemble a clowns facepaint. I began to get nervpous that it was going to be a situaution like the one with another friend of ours who had two lebret studs next to each other. My girlfriend noiced that when our friend held her face upside down the studs resembled eyes and her mouth made it look like a funny face.Then everytime she saw her she would laugh out loud out of nowhere. I did not want this to happen to me. They have since grown on her.whew. Healing took a good month or two and let me tell you every day of it was agony. I bit on them a couple of times because the barbells were so long. After the initial swelling I got some barbells an eighth of an inch shorter. The next day I was to host a barbeque, and due to my cheeks being swollen to three times their normal size (my face also resembled a hamster with a face full of food)and I was left drooling over the delicious marinated chicken. All I was able to taste was cold steel and listerine. Alls well that ends well, they've healed nicely and although the holes are clearly visible when the jewelry is removed I am quite content. i can't help but think that with my piercings out i could easily resemble a human water sprinkler. If it all came down to it I'd do it again. It was worth the pain because of their beautiful placement. They complement the rest of the symmetry that's also on my face. Now I've had them for about five months, and they've grown on me and everyone else involved in my life. They do get alot of stares though.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Billy
Studio: Euphoric+Piercings
Location: Hicksville%2C+L.I.%2C+N.Y.

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