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The scrumper and frowney of Davus

.5756 Well, today I got my scrumper re-pierced and my frowney (lower scrumper). As my last story said, I thought that my scrumper was migrating (to people who haven't read my scrumper story, then I've already had it pierced), and I was right and it did migrate. I wasn't having it so I went in today again to have it re-done (I told my mum) and I was getting it for free as it is part of the aftercare. I also wanted to get my frowney done but I wasn't sure if they would let me (because it gets in the way of eating) but I decided to try anyway. Well, I got the bus into Liverpool (as I'm from England. Ain't it great) and decided that, as the shop was open I had better go up and book before I go and get anyone so I wouldn't have to wait as long. I got up there, but for some reason there was only one other person in the place so I ended up not having to wait that long at all. I just had to wait for a few minutes and then I didn't have time to go down and tell anyone: I didn't mind them not seeing it but I'm sure at least some wouldn't be happy that I didn't tell them. All I had to wait for was the piercer (it was Phillip last time), who was the only person there because everyone seemed to be off sick, to change a labret, change two sisters tongue bars and pierce someone's nose. Then it was my turn. I went in and sat down (I had been given a tiny bit of anaesthetic already), I let the saliva pour out of my mouth and lay back, watching her prepare all of the needles and stuff. She did the top one first because she said it would be easier. The anaesthetic hadn't worked too well here so when she was trying to get the ring on and then the ball onto the ring, it sort of hurt with the needle pulling on my gum. I was thinking that everyone had said it need two pairs of hands to do this piercing and I half offered, half agreed to hold up my gum while she tried to do it. Eventually she got it on and we let out a breath. Next came the frowney. I nearly didn't get it done because she looked at it again and seemed unsure if it would work. Thankfully, she said she would go for it if I was willing to accept the pain and discomfort of it going right into the bottom of my chin. I held onto my lip again and she put the needle in. The anaesthetic worked a bit better on this one so it didn't hurt as much (but as my body fights off anaesthetic it wore off half way into the ring-attaching). She found it hard to get the ring on because she was reaching so far down into my gum but again, she eventually got it on and the ball went in quite easily. We sat there for a few seconds laughing a bit with me apologising to her for asking her to do such a weird piercing (she has the top and bottom done as well, but it is very weird, quite unique, in terms of people who have had it pierced locally). I rinsed my mouth and she made sure I was all right and I walked out a very happy boy. I went down to Quiggins and almost everyone there ended up seeing it while kissing under mistletoe (remember that these are all Goths). Now it is the next day and my frowney hurt a bit after waking up but I love the feeling of them being there under my skin. It's the best feeling in the world. I was also hoping to stretch my septum today but I didn't want to spend any more money; because my mum didn't know about me getting my frowney done she wouldn't be happy if she found out that £20 had suddenly gone missing. Oh well. I guess she wants me to calm down with the piercing because she isn't used to it. If anyone wants to get their scrumper of frowney pierced then make sure you can take discomfort a bit of pain and everyone constantly asking why you did it and wanting to see it. I have never had an Endorphin rush up until now, but after doing them in the same ten minutes with only a tiny bit of anaesthetic, I had the best high of my life for the whole day. All thanks to Endorphin. P.S. To those who don't know what a Scrumper is (this whole experience was probably illegible), it is the little flap of skin connecting the gum to the top lip. the frowney is exactly the same but at the bottom.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Dec. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: A+woman.+Her+name+began+with+%27S%27%3F
Studio: Bodyworks
Location: Liverpool%2C+England

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