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The Long-Sought Labret Piercing

ince I first saw a labret piercing, I had wanted one. I got my nose pierced when I was 12, and hadn't really thought of any other kind of piercing untill... I saw the labret. The guy I spied it on had a spike on the end of it, and it just RULED my little world. I would say it took me two years of putting it off and getting talked out of it before I finally did it. I had enough money together, but I did something very very bad and I want to share my experience so that you all might learn from it. I decided to go to the place in the village (NYC) that advirtised it's piercings for less money. The place I went to advirtised "all piercings 30$", but that was if you pierced with a ring, and I wanted a stud so I could get a spike. It came to 55$, and the much more reliable place with the nicer atmosphere charged 60$ for all their piercings. So, my advice is, it's your piercing experience, it's important, splurge a bit. So I go to the cheaper place and the woman there who was the piercer seemed about as interested in me as a sanskrit book. Zero bedside manner. I picked out the little spike I wanted and went into the back. I laid down on a raised couch type thing, and she put a mark under my lip. It looked decent. I was very nervous, and I should have taken more time to decide where to put it, but it looked okay. She swabed my lip with iodine, and then clamped me. Then came the needle. She seemed to have a bit of trouble getting through all the tissue, but out popped the needle on the other side. I am paranoid that the little struggle she had made my labret crooked, but it looks fine and straight unless I smile, which might be just how the dynamic of the skin tightening is. Yes, it hurt, but not NEARLY as much as my nose or my tattoo on my ankle. In comparison, it was painless. she slipped on the jewlery and the most pain I felt was when she finished screwing on the spike bead to the labret stud. I couldn't believe how fast it was over. I sat up, looked at it, and loved it. It was red as hell and bled a little bit that day but there wasn't a real problem. Chewing became interesting, but now I chew like a pro, like I've had a labret all my life. I even chew gum which I was addicted to before getting pierced. I thought I would never be able to chew gum again, but its just as easy as it ever was. Occasionally the back gets caught on my bottom teeth in mid chew, and that's a little painful, but it rarely happens. I also am way more conciencious about my dental hygiene! I listerined it like four times every day (I was a little over excited about cleaning it....) and washed the krusties away with the anti bacterial soap and have had no problem with it healing. I have a bad habit of nibbling on the back of the stud now, during class especially, and the professor thinks I make faces at him. It does look a little strange, I admit. The flesh around the stud gets a little sore if I'm over zealous with the nibbling (this happens especially around tests, ick). Everyone's got their opinions about my piercing (I'm sure if you're young and pierced you know what I mean). My mother absolutely hates it and begs me to take it out every time i see her. My dad learned to like it (he's very open minded). But to hell with all the other opinions, I JUST LOVE IT! I really do, I wish I had gotten it sooner. I've also got the piercing bug and I want to pierce more stuff, but I won't unless I absolutely want it as much as I wanted the labret. About two months after getting pierced, I was more or less healed up, and the spike, which had a habit of screwing itself off the labret stud, fell off while I was sipping a jack and coke at a concert. It had fallen off twice before, but it got caught either in my cleavage (!!) or on my lap, and it was always in a well lit area. Although my good friend Darren and I searched the bar as best we could, we couldn't retreive the spike from the scummy floor. The stud thankfully stayed in all night (anchored against my bottom teeth I guess) and only popped out when I mis-chewed my breakfast before going to get a new stud. Putting it back into the half healed hole was interesting, but not really painful. I got a new stud and it NEVER unscrews itself. I am never going back to that piercer again, even if the actual piercing itself is alright. No bedside manner, faulty jewlery? Don't go for less, go for what place gives you a good gut feeling. Feel free to e-mail me for any reason! (im trying to figure out what to pierce next and I need input!) Mourtney


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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