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Make Sure Your Piercer Knows His Role! (A Monroe Story)

start off by saying that this piercing is little to no pain! On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 2. It is a very quick and solid piercing. I had wanted a Monroe piercing for about two years. I saw it in a tattoo magazine while I was sitting in Tower Records waiting for my friend to check out. I had never seen one like it before. Labrets and tongue rings were big at the time. But I just thought the Monroe was so unusual, and I loved it immediately! It was refreshing to see something different. I was at the point where the next tongue ring I saw was going to get ripped out. Anyway for one reason or another, I was not able to get one right away. Finally I decided to go Halloween day (Oct. 31, 1999). I thought it would make for an exciting memory. And I just couldn't wait any longer. I chose the shop carefully. I went to every webpage of every shop in Virginia. I decided to go with the Red Dragon in Richmond, because the people were very nice. The shop was spotless. It came highly recommended. And after I met him, I had a general trust in the piercer. Deus (the piercer) sat me down, and answered all my questions. I looked threw his portfolio. He told me that this was to be his nine or tenth time doing a Monroe. I sat down in his chair. And he had Front 242 blaring which took my mind off the anxiety. I washed my mouth out with the Listerine. He cleaned my lip off with the orange stuff, betadine I believe. He dotted my lip with a purple marker, to show were the piercing would be. I looked at it, and was pleased with the spot. Then he stuck the needle in. There was absolutely no pain. He slid in the taper, and then the jewelry, and it was done. The actual stick took two seconds, the entire event maybe took 4 - 5 minutes. But unfortunately the jewelry was to small! My lip began to swell the next day, and within three days, the disk was completely covered over by skin. Essentially, my skin healed over the piercing. Not on the outside. I'm talking about on the inside of my mouth. It was explained to me that swelling does not occur with everyone who have mouth piercings done. But a lot of people do swell. So it is best to ask for a longer piece of jewelry when having a Monroe, Madonna, Labret, Medusa, etc., done. Because you do not know your swelling level and neither does the piercer. And if your skin heals over the piercing, it is very painful having it removed! So I went to Jessicka at the Red Dragon in downtown Richmond, and she was incredible! A painful experience, but she was just awesome. First off, My ball had been screwed on improperly, which really sucked, because my lip was so sore and agitated. She really had to struggle, but she finally got the ball off. Next she had to pop the disk out of the skin that had healed over it. This took about ten minutes of trying, and me nearly in tears. But she got it out. Do not attempt it on your own, it is way to painful! And there is some bleeding and oozing. You really want to be in a sterile environment with someone who knows what they are doing. When extreme cases happen, It is best to go to your doctor and have him slit the lip with a scalpel to get the jewelry out. Your piercer won't try this, So it will automatically be recommended that you seek a physician. Luckily there was still a little space left to just pop mine out, which meant she could save the hole. Which was my main concern. This happened about 9 hours ago, and It feels much better now, and it is already starting to heal beautifully. But the hole is very large, so I have to a wear a barbell for a few days, so as not to have the same incident happen again. Learn from my story folks, make sure your piercer has experience with this type of piercing. Don't let them put a small piece of jewelry in there, because you don't want to experience having to have it popped out!!! And if it does happen, Get to your piercer right away!!! The quicker they can get it out, the less pain it will be for you. As for after effects. Wash your mouth out with Listerine (diluted if you cant take the burn) after you eat, drink or smoke. Wash it two or three times a day with antibacterial soap like Dial or SoftSoap. Swishing with salt water is very good! Take a multivitamin or Zinc if you can. And if there is swelling or pain, take Motrin or Aleve because they are anti-inflammatory. Don't go over the recommended dosage! I go back to see Jessicka on monday to get the barbell taken out, and a regular piece of jewelry put back in. The barbell she has in right now is no fun! But I didn't want to lose my new Monroe, so I'm dealing. Soon it will be healed, and I shall be a very happy girl. I love this piercing, it is possibly my favorite one, despite all the negative that came with it. I would recommend it to anyone!!! GO GET A MONROE!!! You will love it too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Nov. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Deus%2C+and+Follow-Up+by+Jessicka
Studio: Red+Dragon
Location: Richmond%2C+Virginia

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