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my crunchy munchy lip piercing

ed over a year to get my lip pierced. When i was doing work experience back in year 10 i went to a shop that had a piercing boutique in it, the piercer had like five or six piercings in her lip. I wanted mine done but i still had a year of school left. I waited and waited until after my exams, when i finished school, but STILL couldn't have it done because i worked in a bakery. I got really fed up with my job, i mean the pay was shit and i had to wear the shittiest uniform in the world, and i had to wear a fuckin hat and hair net so my lovely spiky hair always got crushed. So i decided i was gonna get my lip pierced and i quit. So one day I called Mac and he came to my house. He'd pierced my belly button a few months before, and he was really good - he has this way of relaxing you and i didn't feel any pain - so i thought he'd be the best person to pierce me. While he was setting everything up i was shitting myself, i was so scared... Then he told me to take a deep breath and then it was done! i hardly felt a thing - except it kinda went 'crunch' as it went through. Having my ears pierced hurt more than my lip!!! I looked in the mirror and it looked a bit odd, it took a while to get used to, but now it feels so great. It did feel odd at first, and i was scared of eating so i held my lip out whilst eating for the first few days (which was painful and looked absolutely dumb!). Its something to play with when i'm in boring college lectures!!! I kept biting on it for the first few weeks and my teeth got really chippped, but i've stopped that now. Its great because i get old people giving me evil looks, so i just laugh at them... i'd rather have pink spiky hair and metal in my face than greya hair and wrinkles. People talk to me about it, they're like 'did that hurt?' and i'm just like 'noooo dammnit!!' Its been pierced for about 4 weeks now and i'm going to see Mac next week, he's gonna put a ring in it for me. And i might be getting another piercing, he really is a great piercer. If you live in Warwickshire and want to get pierced, give him a call.... Now i want to get more piercings, it feels reeally great just having a needle going through you... excpet when its a plain old ear piercing done with one of them shitty little guns. I got mine pierced again twice last week and my ear has swollen up and turned purple-red. And i can't sleep on the damn thing!!! Lip piercings are waaaay better. I just can't wait to get my next piercing... I thought my lip would be swollen for days, i thought i wouldn't be able to speak properly, i thought i wouldn;t be able to eat properly.. My piercer said i shouldn't eat spicy food or drink hot drinks, but i did (dammnit i coudn't resist a nice hot curry!!). My friend says that i have a lisp now and i talk really weird but i haven't noticed any difference. My lip didn't swell up at all, it bled a little after it was pierced but not too much. I am so glad i got it done. But i'm a bit confused. My piercer said it would take four to six weeks to heal, but another piercer said it takes three months. I don;t know... it feels fine so i guess it would be ok to change it to a ring now. To anyone who is thinking about getting their lip pierced - get it done! It looks nice and it is fun to play with and apparently if you're giving head and you have a lip ring in, its nice for the bloke who is receiving it! I really want to learn more about piercing, but there is nowhere around here where i could do a course in body piercing. It sucks!!!! My friend is getting her tongue piercedd in 9 days, and she is absolutely shitting herself, but i read that its the least painful piercing you can get... lucky for her, i might be getting my eyebrow pierced and i'm sure that will hurt loooooaaads but oh well... i need the money first as piercings are so damn expensive but i'm sure my mum would be happy to give me £25 so i can get more metal in my face... yeah right... my advice to anyone getting a piercing who is scared - just go and do it. You only live once. The body was made to be experimented on. Fuck experimenting on animals, put holes and colours in yourself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Oct. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Mac
Studio: Mac%27s+Mobile+Piercing+Bus
Location: Warwickshire+U.K.

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