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The Bitter Taste of Listerine (labret)

ll, this is my 8th experience for BME. Wow, what a road I've paved. I've been down in the PA archives, the ear, navel, hafada, eyebrow, and even twice in the apadravya section. I've longed to be in this one. It's been two long years of waiting. I do have to say, it's been worth it.

As I said, it began two years ago. I saw a labret on someone on TV. I

like the way it drew attention to the center line of the face. The sheer artistry of it was amazing. The time flew by. I knew my parents would never agree and I was only 17. No chance yet. I saw labrets pictured more and more in magazines, on musicians, even in my Vampire the Masquerade books. They're everywhere. I'm not one to flow into mainstream things, but this dynamics of it's artistic value shone so brightly.

My first chance at getting it was at Ozzfest '98 here in Orlando.

There was a piercing booth set up at the concert. They were letting people 17 and up get pierced that day. A friend of mine went for a tattoo and I asked about the labret. They wanted $60 for it, and I only had $45 on me. I asked if we got a group discount since my friend was getting a $125 tattoo. He thought about it, but his boss said no. What pricks. Later in the concert, Coal Chamber took the stage. I got to see Dez live with his double labret. I was growing bitter now.

For my 18th birthday, I decided not to get on my parents bad side. I

got my Prince Albert than. I took to hidden piercing after that. One day I came home with my cartilage pierced (which I had to take out from the pain). They almost killed me. A few days after I took that out, I got just my right earlobe pierced and stretched to 10g. They flipped seeing me with what they deemed huge earlobes now. They still don't think I'll stop stretching them even though they've been 10g for months now. I more recently got my eyebrow pierced. They reacted pretty well to that. Just yelled at me for a few hours, then calmed down about it. My eyebrow ring just about rejected (from changing jewelry too much and too soon). I figured, now's the time for the labret.

I went to the shop I work in,

Venus & Mars , around 7PM. Mike (the owner/piercer) said he was really busy, but he'd work me in. I filled out the form and turned down the aftercare sheet. I've been learning about this piercing since I started wanting it. He rung me up and I grabbed my jewelry for the autoclave: a 10g, 7/16" stud. After a few piercings it was my turn. Mike got everything ready and he had me rinse with Listerine. He told me he preferred the cool mint flavor over original (which we call the "battery acid" flavor). I really hate the taste of mint, so I pushed my tongue to the roof of my mouth so I couldn't taste it. He told me to do it for 60 seconds. I put the stuff in my mouth and after about 15 seconds, the bottom of my tongue feels like it's on fire. In my confusion from that, I lost track and got it on the top of my tongue. It was awful! By the time the 60 seconds were up, my eyes were tearing up and my nose was running. Mike made a few jokes about hoping he could do this. He said the only labret he'd done was his own. I've seen him do a couple so I just laughed. I was kinda worried about the pain at this point since the Listerine numbed my tongue and not my lip.

Mike marked the spot and had me okay it. I checked very closely and

decided it looked fine to me. He got the clamps ready and as he was putting them on, he hesitated. It seems that my lip frenum on my lower lip is very off centered. The dot was perfectly centered on the front, but the frenum was about 3/8" to my right. Strange, but we agreed the front was what counted. Well, clamps go down and get tightened. Mike makes another joke about his lack of skill and I try to tell him not to make me laugh. I relax a little more and I'm now expecting a lot of pain. He tells me to breathe deeply and he starts pushing. I felt the needle going through but no pain yet. Almost through now. It's breaking through the outside, yup, I can feel that but it's no worse than my ears were. Wow, we're done already Mike? The jewelry goes in nice and easily and I'm screwed together. There's a bit of blood on the outside, but Mike wipes that away quickly. Yay... More Listerine? Once again, it was a horrible feeling having that Listerine in my mouth. When I spit it out, there was a bit of blood, but not much. I looked in the mirror and it was perfectly on line! I love how it looks too. There's still more blood on it so Mike wipes it off. It keeps bleeding, but clots soon after. It's fine for the rest of the night. No real pain and easy cleaning that night. The only bad part was when I was cleaning the outside and some of the soap went in my mouth. Yuk! Soft-Soap is worse than Listerine. Wait, no, the Listerine was worse.

I decided that using diluted Listerine (2 parts water, 1 part burny stuff) was best for me. Mike agreed too since I don't smoke.

I slept fairly lightly that night since I kept hitting it with my

sheets, or a pillow. The next morning there was a bit of blood on it again, but that came of easily with some warm water and a que-tip. To my surprise though, no swelling. That was Mike's whole reasoning for piercing me with such a large post. I rushed to have breakfast and get to work since I was running a little late. Oops, almost forgot my Listerine. Can't forget that yummy stuff. Work was nice, but as soon as Mike saw me he yelled at me asking why I hadn't cleaned it yet. I told him I'd done it twice since I got home. It seems that it's STILL bleeding a little. Well, I get through work and clean the blood off when I get home. It's been a few hours since I cleaned it and I'm typing this. No more blood so far. It looks to be well on the way to healing nicely.

I have to say, this hurt a lot less that I expected. It's not even

sore or swollen. It's fairly easy to eat with it, but it still feels a little weird. The worse part of piercing it was the Listerine, I do have to say. My parents are still pissed at me, but are starting to deal with it. Hey, I'm almost 19 now. They don't have total control over me anymore. I definitely say this is worth getting, but watch out for that nasty Listerine!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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