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Lip of Faith

orning I woke up around 7am. I had my shower, ate some food. Walked out the front door, drove to my friends, and then we met up at another friends house. We left Chatham(where I live) headed for grand bend at about 9am. Took about 2 hours to get there I think. We got there...shopped around. Then I noticed a piercing place. I had been trying to get my lip pierced for the past 2 months...but couldn't fit anything into my day to work. So finally...the opotunity had arose. I was so ixcited. My friends were trying to presure me into it far too quickly(don't let anyone do that). I was smart...I planned ahead...not knowing much about a lip ring, so I said I'm eating first incase it hurts. All I could think about at lunch was getting it pierced. Yes I was nervous...most people are. Finished lunch, and walked to the piercing place. Showed my fake id(since I'm 17), signed the papers, sat down. Talked the Mildred. Asked about aftercare of it. The price was very reasonable...30 bucks. 40 if I wanted a barbell. I wanted a ring, so 30. The place wasn't very big...but somehow all 5 of my friends managed to cram in there, along with people from the street who thought I was crazy. She began to clean the instruments, asked me to pick out a ring, cleaned my lip, made me rince with some mouthewash. I was good to go. She put the clamp on....i started to get very worried and nervous.....and just as she was bringing the needle closer I felt like saying stop. But I wanted it so bad I was ready for some pain. She said to take deep breaths, and then she went on about the 3rd deep breath out. I didn't know she was going to go. And then the next thing you know the ring was in...I felt no pain. I was ready to leave. But then about 15 seconds after I said I was fine....well...i felt VERY lightheaded....as if I was going to faint. I started sweating, I turned pale as a gost, and felt like sleeping. So she strongly suggested I stay seated....I did. She offered me a glass of water and tried to add some humour...I didn't take to the humour to well when i was lightheaded...and my friends found that funny. So I continued to sit there for about 20 minutes...letting the sweat dry, and my skin color return. I looked in the mirror and was amazed and how much I liked it. I was so happy...and now that I was not lightheaded I wanted to walk around all day showing it off. The day ended, we returned to chatham around 5ish....I went to the drug store. I asked where to find the bactine. She showed me where it was. I also picked up some more mouthe wash. When i reached the counter, the lady complimented my lip ring. She asked if that was why I was making those purchases. I ended up telling her about the entire day as I am now to her. I was so happy. Now all I have to do is wait for my parents to come home in 2 days. But I'm not worried. Anyways....getting a lip ring is great...no pain, and she said IF you do get some...it's nothing...bite your tongue....it hurts more. Try to bring a friend...just incase your not able to drive But not 5...that's too many...try not to have anyone watching...it makes you more nervous. Another thing to do is make sure everything is clean. Don't be affraid to back down...if you don't want it...don't get it. I got mine a little off to the right...hopefully I'll have a picture soon. Everything into consideration..it was a great experience...even the almost fainting part. It was like a bad trip...but even then not bad. And she said the only reason that that happened was cause there's something in your body that makes some type of adaption and gives a natural high....not everyone gets this...I did. There's many things to remember....clean place, knowing what your getting, not have people around, make sure you have a friend NEAR, incase in need of a ride, make sure they give you good instuctions for aftercare of it, and also...make sure you want it, and that you won't let someone bring you down when they say something, or when they look....it's what think that counts...after all it's your body. The whole experience took 30 minutes. It was great. Mail me with any questions

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Mildred
Studio: The+piercing+shop+in+Grand+Bend
Location: Grand+Bend%2C+Ontario+Canada

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