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A lonely experience at 15

well... i guess i really was dying to get my labret pierced, my friend had hers done and it looked pretty cool... so i talked to my parents about it, they said yes because they didnt think i was serious, but i was as serious as anything! i took an appointment for the next day and then the next day i asked my mum if she would drive me to the studio, she said no... i was pretty pissed off because i had told EVERYONE that i would be getting it done, my mum told me that if i want it im gonna have to walk there myself and back, she wanted nothing to do with it... As a determined individual i set out ... on the way there i nearly walked into a BUSY intersection and i mean BUSY...i was too deep in thought about it hurting and what my family was gonna say, to even think about where i was walking.... that little charade made me think that something is out to stop me from getting it done... i get there and im a fasionably 1/2 hr early...figures.... so i take a load off and do a little shopping...i was feeling pretty alone by then i was only 15 and never had any major piercings done , i didnt know whether it would hurt, weird thoughts about half my face becoming paralyzed freaked me out...i had butterflies and feeling weak by the time i got there... I walk through at my appointment time and im taken into this white spotless room, the chick that pierced me was pretty funky, she had a lot to tell me about the piercing and made it seem not as terrifying as i made it out to be, after she prepared the area i was told to close my eyes and to think of a colour... then as i breathed out she quickly stabbed me with the needle, more of a shock then pain, i wanted a fishtale so i had that instead of the stud...through the healing time i wore a little bandaid over it for work and school...i looked like a dick! but i didnt want to risk infection or the hole closing...the people at work thought it was cool...as long as i keep it covered that is.. some teachers at school gave me crap about it but they are over that now... i got home soon after that, but it was quite a pretty alone experience, i needed someone to be there for me and no one was... oh, well... its been nearly 3 months and its looking good,im totally happy with it... i had to replace the fishtale with another one because i dropped it at school and i couldnt find it!..damn!..... that was pretty crap, so i went to a other place to get anohter stud, i needed the fishtale to be fitted so, when i went in the chick that adjusted it for me told me that my piercer had pierced it at an angle and too close to that part where the labret joins to your gum ( i dont know the name!!!) thats why it took for ages to heal ... its hard trying to get it in after long periods of time because its on an angle and im poushing at a place where the hole dosent go through... the first time i took it out was at two weeks, i had to clean it that way because it was a little infected, it was out for a total of 2 minutes and when i tried to put it thriugh somehow the hole had tried to close and i couldnt get it through! i was totally freaking about it so i try to push a little harder and then twist in in...i eventually get it through ... after that i experience this weird sensation , almost as if im gonna faint then everything started to spin and i felt like vomiting... i dont know why... it was pretty weirdassed... i can play with it now and twist the back of the stud up, i tried to put a ring through it but it was small, damn! it would have looked good, im thinking about changing the stud to a ball closure ring... the next piercing i want done is my tonuge , although i wont be able to until next year, mainly to give my parents more getting used to it ( they are too cool with the labret now) and i need more money!!! i dont have any photos now, but i will be getting some soon...you can get in touch with me through ICQ or email... ICQ # 27193254 if you are worried about getting it done, talk to me!!! ill help you through it, no one was there to help me through my experience , though i totally think it was worth it!!!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Lip Piercing

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Artist: Sam
Studio: East+Coast+Piercing
Location: Brisbane%2C+Australia

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