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Double Lip Piercing!! }:-}~

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I better start writing while I am still on my adrenaline high. My

name is Jinx (20ish) and I just got home and I have to write this down... I got pierced (again) today. I am very excited and it has been a while since I have gotten any new "friends" as my buds like to call them.

Today was a new experience for me however, it was the first time I

got a normally visible piercing besides my ears. When I woke up this morning I had 6 holes in each ear (straight up), an 8 gauge barbell in my tongue and both nipples pierced...totally 15 holes. I used to have 16, but the guy who did my tragus was very, lets say, stupid.

I have been wanting to get my labret done for some time now, but that

seemed the hip thing to do, so I decide to get my lower lip done, twice. I'm not the type of person do things unevenly and halfassed. It had been something that I had thought hard about, I knew what I wanted, the problem was getting through it without ralphing. I have gotten pierced, and tattooed, before... but this was different, this was my face. Also, its kind of like riding a rollercoaster. Its cool and a major rush when you do it, but if you don't do it that often your mind loses trace of what that felt like. That's what was happening to me. But I sucked it up and prepaid for my piercings.

Oh man, was it torture. Not the piercing, no, it was standing in line

that drove me mad. There were 4 people in front of me to go first. Argh!! Oh well. So I decided to go get something to eat. Actually, the piercer advised me to get something to eat. I'm glad I did, I feel like I have had dental work, my lip is so numb.

After my meal (and a trip to the drug store to pick up some zinc

supplements-which I have been told by many that it promotes healing faster) I went back to meet Rob again. All of my pierced friends had told me about him, and now I was going to meet that man who had stuck so many of my buds. He reminded me a bit of the band teacher from junior high and Shaggy. This guy was pretty cool, and pretty professional (though his potty mouth didn't leave many images to the imagination).

I went into the piercing room with Rob and my best friend Maeghan,

and I sat down. He didn't tell me what he was going to do. He asked me if I wanted to know, I said "heck no dude, been there-done that!". He marked my lips, let me look at the placing of the dots (it was kind of funny, the damn marker wouldn't work... I think he went through 4 of them), and then he brought out the needles.

I hate to watch needles go into my own flesh, so I'm glad he told me

to close my eyes and go to the Bahamas. It was really nice there. I took in a deep breath, and as I let it out, he pushed the needle through my lip. About 3 minutes later, after getting the pesky little bead on the ring, thus completing the captive bead ring, and posing for a picture with me, he did the other side.

It wasn't really all that painful. Actually, it felt kind of neat.

And it has been about 5 hours now since then, and I'm feeling okay. He gave me the aftercare sheet, of which I have about 4 at home already. Just in case I forgot, and each piercing is different, he went through things again. He answered a few questions for me and I left. I'll see him again, after I return from Woodstock 99, to have him check up on the piercings.

....Three days later.... Okay, its been a few days and everything is

going well. I love to see the looks on my friends faces, its great! Right now, I only have two problems... ONE... how to apply my ChapStick!!! (actually, I found that if you just use the Neosporin that you use on the exterior holes on your lips it work a lot better, but who knows what I'm going to do when my 5 days are up and I can't use that stuff anymore?) and TWO... how I am going to conceal them when I go back to work. If any one out there can help me please feel free to e-mail me. I am off work for 4 weeks and I work for a county government run recreation service and they frown on any body modifications.

But I am very happy with my new "friends" and hope they are not the




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on: 01 Aug. 1999
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