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My Labret:o)

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Having seen many people with magnificently gorgeous

facial piercings, I decided it was time to jump out of the mainstream of tongues, navels, ears, nipples, and eyebrows; those are wonderful to have, as I enjoy mine very much, but I needed a real attention grabber, something that said, " I'm here, get over it" (please:O) kind to thing. Having my labret was the way to go about that.

It was short noticed in my mind, and I wasn't real

sure about it. It freaked me. I was at work one night and decided I needed that sort of change, since I'm in the make-over mood. So, calling my mother, I asked her if she'd like to come along. And being the freakish natured evil mom who loves her kid no matter what, she eagerly agreed.

Being at work, I must figure out a way to tell my

boss, "Hey, can I leave, my lip pierce is more important," so I called my boss and said "I need to leave," and to my surprise, her said "Cool."

Phoning my mother and telling her I'd be there to

pick her up ASAP, she rushed to get ready, and come with me. All the meanwhile, as I drove to get her, I came up with about a million reasons to not get it, and only one fabulous reason. It's something I wanted. I felt that piercing is a part of me, and it's something I enjoy immensely.

I picked her up, and drove 100 mph to a piercing/tattoo

place called, On The Wylde Side,. It was next to a Mexican food shop sort of bar hang out thing; it was a multifunctional business park. So I looked at the outside, decided it was clean, and neat, went in and was astonished. Having many cases of jewelry, tat pics, and beautiful shiny things, I decided that not only was this the cleanest shop I'd ever been in, but the most extravagantly classy place. It was more than sanitary, as I saw the two guys working there, cleaning, preparing, and polishing the entire shop. My mother was impressed too. So that's a good thing.

To actually get the Labret, was my single most perfect

accomplishment showing strength, power, and most importantly to me : my courage and love of my body. And then shortly after feeling all macho and virile, nerves and stress set in; as I always do before a piercing, gets the endorphins really pumped.

I remember filling out the papers , showing my I.D., and all the things required to get a piercing.

Then my piercer Sharky came out, the true epitome

of what MAN is; clean, nice, and courteous. Those are the most important things to me in a person. He sat me down, explained all the processes he would use to guarantee MY comfort. Sharky being a professional , explained in intricate detail what he would use, clean me with, and the type of stud he would use.

He cleaned me well, in fact a little too well, as

the solutions he used dried my skin out for about 2 days; but it was nice to know he at least cared about the protection of the stud.

I asked him to not show me any of the tools as I

was a little fearful at the time, he did as I requested and kept them out of my site. My poor mom in the meantime, was out looking at studs and tattoo pics; missing all the action.

Clamping my lip, Sharky told me this would be the

most uncomfortable part; in which it was. Sharky asked if I was ready, in which was a bad move, and I said, "Put it in now!", and with that, I felt the most wonderful empowering feeling one can feel; not pain, not sexual release, but a true human feeling, pride. Pride in the fact I did this, Pride for the reason I did it, and lastly, Pride for love of myself no matter what I choose to do. The needle struck through the back side of the lip, tearing through matter of tender flesh, and then nothing. Was that all there was to this piercing, a slight pain then over. No. Beautification! He slipped the stud through, screwed the ball on, then handed me a mirror. I sat looking at it, all that it represented to me, and I turned to him. Thanking him, for that feeling of greatness. I sat and thought that it changed me as an individual , but not as who I was. I liked it. A lot.

We then went through the care of a labret, and side

effects if something should happen.

My mother saw it, and amazingly, and without any

notice , she retorted " It's beautiful." Which shocked me. As she didn't like any of my other piercings. I was then elated. I paid, thanked Sharky again, and all former fear left, as I started to enjoy my adornment.

I've had my labret for one week, and love it immensely.

Next Saturday I'll be going for a septum pierce. And once again, the joy, and sometimes painful experience will come back. And my life will be good.

Jason Green USAOtter@prodigy.net


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 July 1999
in Lip Piercing

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