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The rise and fall of my anti eyebrow.

For the longest time Ive been facinated with the anti eyebrow piercing.I saw it while going through my piercers portfolio and fell in love. It even looked amazing bloody and bruised. growing up in a piercing shop I grew up getting pierced at 12 starting with my lip. My dad was good friends with the owner of the shop, and it became my favorite place to hang out, all the artists were used to seeing me hanging out there once and a while and I because close with many of them. I finally decided to get an anti eyebrow piercing after weighing the risk of rejection, Scaring, price, jewelry and everything else. My piercer pinched my face a bit to check that I had the right anatomy for the piercing, and after giving it an okay, she ordered a surface bar.

A few days later the surface bar arrived while I happened to be helping out at the shop, so we decided to do it right then. I looked at all the flash designs on the wall while Sara put the bar in the autoclave. She said it would be around an hour, so I ran to get a veggie burger. We hung out while we waited talking to a few people wanting typical piercings, Lip, Tragusus? (Tragii?) anyways.. They were excited to see my piercing. Once the bar was finished, we walked into the piercing room and I layed on the table while she marked everything. She wiped some sort of liquid on my face which burned quite a bit. I looked in the mirror and decided it was perfect. She clamped it (which was quite strange) and told me to Inhale, then she will pierce it while I exhale. The piercing was relatively slow compared to my others, she pushed it halfway, then seemed to pause and push the rest though. I made the mistake of opening my eyes while she was getting the jewelry and saw the tip of the needle extreamly close to my eye, which caused me to freak out a little. It wasnt very painful, I think it might be my least painful piercing (out of industrial, cartlidge, lip, conch, snug and tounge). She put the jewelry in which was strange because of the curves. Im pretty sure the jewelry was more painful then the piercing. It bruised and swelled but other then that it looked great.

I was super excited when I came home to show my mom. She cringed at the bruising (I had almost an entire black eye) but fell in love with it as much as I did. I absolutely loved the reactions I got from people. Most of them being " Oh my god, Did that hurt?!" Allthough it pissed me off a bit when some kids said, "Oh yeah im getting one too!", Mostly because I was very happy with the fact ive never seen anyone else with one. I was also happy I never got a bad reaction from any of my family members, considering they arent very happy about my piercings.

About 2 months later, It begain getting pretty red and a little swollen, so I went to check on it. Sara said it was probably irritated because it wasnt red enough to be rejecting, So she gave me some vitamin cream to put on it along with my sea salt soaks. I avoided sleeping on it, stuck to my cleaning routine but weeks went b and it wasnt getting better, It still looked angry, but The skin between didnt seem to be getting smaller, And the holes werent particularly red. I went to Sara and she sadly had to take it out, I was extreamly disapointed. I walked back into the piercing room so she sould take it out, which hurt quite a bit. I walked out of the shop holding paper towel to my face to soak up the pus and blood. Im pretty sure I didnt look like the perfect marketing scheme walking out of there; close to tears, disapointed, and holding a bloody-pus soaked paper towel to my face. luckily the skin didnt have time to die, so im left with a swollen (I think, hard red line) are a on my face. its been 4 days now and its getting a bit better, Im just really hoping it heals, and that line is a swollen area, and not scar tissue, both holes already healed but red line is still there. but I plan to get dermal anchors once it heals up, but a little lower, I hear its more complicated to get dermals over scar tissue.

This isnt an ideal spot for piercings, so I dont recomend it unless your willing to pay $60 for a temporary piercing that will most likely leave a scar.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sara
Studio: Secret
Location: Ontario

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