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My gorgeous bridge

About two years ago I saw a girl on the internet with a bridge piercing.

I was very fascinated as I had never seen one of these. At that time I was fourteen and my parents wouldn't let me have any piercing except for my lobes and helix.

They told me I'd needed to wait until I was sixteen.

It never popped into my head that I could have a bridge piercing myself, for almost a year.

When I turned fifteen I begged for piercings but no, and everyday the answer was no.

I started to draw dots on my face, almost everywhere a piercing could be located, and than came back on the bridge. Every time when I saw someone with a bridge piercing, ten minutes later I still was like oh it's so beautiful!

Watched pictures and experiences and waited and waited, counting towards my birthday for a year!

Yesterday I turned sixteen. I was so nervous all day, couldn't concentrate on school, and when school was out, I rushed home. I was scared, not for pain, no, scared that I wouldn't look as good as I wanted it to, or just simply wouldn't look good at all.

The weeks before I had been preparing my parents, and that week my dad saw a girl with a bridge with very tiny balls on it. He didn't thought it was so bad anymore.

My grandma said she would puke when I would have it, hahaha.

So there I went, into the winter cold, together with my dearest boyfriend to the piercing shop. I heard a lot of good things about this place, a friend of mine also had all her piercings done there, they looked great.

Shaking all the way on the back of my boyfriends bike, asking millions of times if he thought it would suit me. I was so nervous!

When I entered the shop the nice lady, Sharon, who was going to pierce me was still eating.

Stressed I waited for her to finish her good looking sandwich. I didn't eat anything except for breakfast, just couldn't get anything through my throat.

She asked me to come upstairs and I sat down and she felt if it was possible for me to have a bridge piercing. Towards my relief she said yes. I chose the smallest balls they had – I would really please my dad with this - and I like this better too. She made me feel comfortable.

Drawing the perfect dots took about 20 minutes. When we both were happy I could lie down. I guess at this point my boyfriend was more stressed than me.

She took the clamps and oh my god, that hurts! She asked if I was okay, and I said yes.

She got the needle and told me to take a breath in, and a long breath out.

I didn't even feel the needle going through, nor putting the barbell inside. Then one side began to bleed, and it took about 2 minutes to make it stop. The clamps really hurt the most!! Again she asked me if I was okay, and I said yes and rushed to the mirror. I laughed out loud. I was so so so happy! I looked better than I thought it would, and I waited so long, the waiting was really worth it!

I was shaking but felt incredibly happy. She explained how to keep it clean and that I could come back in three weeks for a check. My boyfriend paid ( birthday gift! ) and I left, with a big smile on my face and sparkling eyes.

When I came home my dad said he thought it was very pretty, and less bad than he expected, and my mom said the same. She thought I would look like so deserted tribe member. Happy I didn't :)

Today my dad told me that he thought it was pretty, again. Guess he likes it.

Today at school I only got positive reactions but everybody is staring at me! Mostly asked question was 'Did that hurt?' and ' ooooooooh my god!'

Of course I have this piercing for myself, but all the sweet reactions please me. For me it's mainly important that except for me, my boyfriend, parents and best friends like it.

This piercing makes me feel very secure and beautiful. This experience didn't only add a piece of metal to my face, but also a lot of positive feelings (about myself).

I have the feeling that I suits me very well. I know that it will leave some scarring when I take it out, but I know that for me it's worth it.

I want to thank Sharon to make me feel so comfortable and giving me this gorgeous piercing and my parents for accepting me the way I am.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2009
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sharon
Studio: Classic+Ink+And+Mods
Location: Amsterdam

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