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Demon Eyebrow

I never really liked piercings when I was younger. I had my first holes when I was six and hardly ever wore earrings and they closed many times. Then in 8th grade I got my 2nd holes pierced. I got my right cartilage in 8th grade too with a gun and I took it out too soon and it healed so I couldn't get the stud back through. Then my freshman year I met some friends who loved piercings. I got my right cartilage pierced again and then wanted more but didn't think my mom would let me get 3rd holes. A week or so after my cartilage me and 3 friends had a sleep over and we all pierced our ears. It was fun and about a week after that I got my left cartilage than about a month after that I pierced my fourth holes which hurt because its close to cartilage. So I sort of had a piercing frienzy. And self piercing really isn't a good idea. A professional is much better and if convincing your parents is the problem... just wait.

But about a year ago on my birthday I was planning on getting some piercings at an actual piercing place. I had wanted my lip pierced so badly ever since i saw my best friends ex-boyfriends lip piercing and a few months before my birthday I decided I also wanted to get my tragus's pierced. My mom had told me 6 months earlier if I still wanted my lip at my birthday I could get it but then my birthday came around and she said she wouldn't let me get my lip. I argued but no success and she said she'd let me get my eyebrow and my both my tragus's.

So I go to Tribal Rites on my birthday which was also the first day of school to get my piercings but turned out the only person who would pierce teens under 16 wasn't in until thursday. So my mom called the place the next day (Wednesday) to see if Mike would actually be in on Thursday around 4. They said yes so the next on Thursday we went back to Tribal Rites.

Mike asked me what I wanted and I told him my tragus's and eyebrow. He said ok and went in the back to get everything prepared while the lady at the desk gave me and my mom the paper work to fill out. About 10 minutes later Mike came back out and told me to come back with me. My best friend was with me and she came into the back room with me. My mom is way to chicken to watch any sort of piercing.

Mike washed his hands and put gloves on and asked which piercing i wanted first. I said eyebrow so he got everything ready and kind of squished my eyebrow together to pierce it. It didn't hurt too much but I was pretty much used to piercings. I had 10 before that and 4 were self done. It just felt weird because I had this needle right in front of my eye. Then he pierced my tragus and those were worse than my eyebrow. My eyebrow only burned slightly but it is DEFINITELY something almost everyone can handle.

Now, this was a very nice healing piercing. My left tragus is what I had a problem with but my eyebrow felt completely healed about 2 months after I got it done. It didn't even both me at all. BUT about 3 months ago my boyfriend hit my in the head with a pillow and my eyebrow ripped pretty badly.

I didn't think anything of it because it had been bonked before and was fine. But a couple weeks after that a lump started to appear. It got pretty bad and I picked at it a lot and it would ooze all the time. Yeah, pretty gross. I would baby it like crazy. I cleaned 2-3 times a day with a salt saline, but it still never got any better probably because the salt saline dried it up and I couldn't stand that so I picked at it more.

A couple weeks ago though my friend who had about 18 piercings before she had to take some out for a job told me that I should put some vitamin E on it. I got some Vitamin E oil and put it on my eyebrow constantly. It kept my eyebrow moist so I don't pick at it at all and the lump went down a little but it is still there. I'm thinking about going to the doctors or back to Tribal Rites to have it checked out.

Even though my piercing has gone wrong doesn't mean they all will. I think an eyebrow piercings is an AMAZING piercing and as long as you clean it and don't get it ripped very badly it should be fine. AND DO NOT TOUCH IT NO MATTER WHAT!!!! PICKING AT IS IS VERY VERY VERY BAD!!!!! but other than my eyebrow my piercings are all healed and I now have 14 piercings and plan on getting a 3 point helix spiral in 2 months. Then I also want an industrial, orbital, conch, rook, same eyebrow again (if it ever heals) and my lip.

Happy Piercing!!!!


submitted by: HeavenlyDemonick
on: 10 July 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Tribal+Rites%21
Location: Westminster%2C+CO

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