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DIY Eyebrow Piercing

I've wanted an eyebrow piercing since I saw my friend's mom with one, she had a purple banana barbell with spikes on either side. I know that's weird but it looked really cool. I had tried it before with a sewing needle and an ice cube. But I never could get it through the other side. I kept trying but quit when my granddad came home. Ever since I had wanted to do it again get it through. Then one day at school my friend was whining about how his parent's wouldn't let him pierce his ear. So I did what any naive teenager would have done, told him to do it himself. He gets a safety pin from his friend during the day. He sat at the table trying to psych himself into it like it was really going to hurt. He asked me to get him ice while he sterilized the safety pin with a lighter. After numbing his ear with ice, like it needed to be, he finally gets to it. He bitched and moaned the entire time because it 'hurt'. He finally gets it through and his face is red, that's when I decide to do my eyebrow again; I had to show him up. I tell him that the ear was nothing and that it really shouldn't have hurt. My friend backed my up by piercing the bridge of his nose. It was a bad idea; he couldn't keep it in because the safety pin was blocking his vision. And he pulled it out too hard, pulling open one of the veins in his nose. He bled on the table and rushed off to the bathroom laughing. So grab one of the safety pins I had and grab my Ex's compact. Opening the mirror I placed the sharp point of the pin under my eyebrow, didn't want to wind up stabbing myself in the eye. I push it through slowly it did hurt but I wasn't gonna' bitch like him about it. Within a minuet I had pushed it though, realizing this time, that I needed to put pressure on the other side to help push the pin out the other side.. Some of my friends applauded me, for lack of a better word. Others were grossed out. While the friend who priced his ear just got mad that I had shown him up. I tried closing the pin; this was much more painful then piercing it. It took longer too because I couldn't get a grip on the sharp part with out pricking myself in the finger. When I finally got it closed I couldn't stay in my seat, I stood up and showed it off to other people that didn't sit at my table. After lunch I go back to class and gross out my teacher just by looking at her. And I made a few other kids squeamish by moving it up and down. It was great I went through the day and then went to Driver's Ed. After school. I messed with the kids in there, and during break I went into the bathroom again and put a second safety pin in; next to the first one. My teacher was disturbed so were most the other kids. Realizing that had to pull it out so my parents wouldn't kill me. I decided to wait till the end of Drive's Ed. I took out the two safety pins; there was minimal bleeding and almost no scaring.
I went to the schools nurse the next day to make sure it wasn't infected. She told me it wasn't but if I were her kid she would have slapped me, laughing I walked out of the office and went to class. In gym I had to prove to my friends who didn't see my second piercing that I really did do it again, so again I priced my eyebrow. This time sterilizing my eyebrow with an alcohol wipe I got from the nurses office and heating the pin with a lighter. This hurt much more then it did the day before but I did it anyway just to prove I could. Maybe my motives were wrong but it was fun being the centre of attention for a day or so. Since then I have pierced my eyebrow 7 times, mainly out of boredom. I wouldn't recommend for anyone to do this, for it got slightly infected, since it wasn't sterilized. But later this summer I plan on doing it again and gauging it up and putting proper jewelry in it. Also a safety pin is not the recommended object to pierce it with, it's too slim. I have tried to put jewelry in one of the other times I pierced it, The hole was too small and it hurt to much to shove through.

Here's a picture right after pushing the saftey pin through


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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