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The Beauty of the Bridge.

Nothing made me more jealous than to see a person walk around with a bridge piercing. I've always admired people that could withstand the pain of having a barbell through the skin between their eyes. I used to hold a barbell between my eyes, and imagine having that spot pierced.

I was out having a drink with a few friends one night, when a guy with a bridge piercing sat not too far from me. I just had to be that person to ask that question : "Did that hurt??" He just smiled and said that it didn't, and he started to pull on the side of the ball, moving it around. I was instantly intriqued, and asked him how his experience was, and how I would look with one, all the while, mildly flirting with him. I kept starring all the while at his piercing, imagining it on my face, and smiling. I think he thought me a little creepy, but who cares.

As always, I call my Mother up, and inform her that I'm thinking of marring my flawless skin by having a needle shoved through the skin between my eyes. Insert the hour long conversation of the hideous scars I'll have on my face for the rest of my life should something go wrong, and how I'll never be able to get a decent job with crap like this on my face. I just ignore it, knowing in my head that I'm going to do what I want since I'm 21, and not living at home, with my own place, and a great job.

So I when I got home,I got online, and did a bit of looking up on these piercings, where they originated, the pain ratio,pictures and after care. Turns out, its a relativly easy piercing to take care of, it just has a high chance of rejection as all surface piercings do. I talked to my boss at work, telling her what I had planned to do, and she made the comment, "It wouldn't be a problem since it would blend in with your glasses, but wouldnt they interfer?"

That was a speedbump. I talked to my piercer at Ink Link, and he told me that my glasses shouldn't be too much of a problem, just as long as its not sitting on top or on my piercing, or nudging it, and moving it about.

So I made the appointment, and waited the three days till my day. I was so nervous, I just kept thinking of how much it was going to hurt, which in turn made me even more nervous.

I walked into Ink Link, at my appointed time, and was brought back into the piercing room that always smells so sterile and clean, like everything should've been made of steel and shining. I watch as my piercer, JP puts on brand new gloves, and jokes around with me making small chit chat trying to ease my nerves.

He turns up his IPOD thats plugged into the radio above my head, and starts to sing along with a random punk song blarring out of the speakers, and bounces around really making me laugh and almost forget that I'm about to put a barbell through the bridge on my face.

Jp sat me down, and laughed at my shaking legs. He calmed me down by saying the nipple piercings I have hurt alot more than this would, and I stopped shaking. I had to close my eyes when he was making the marks for the needle because I kept laughing at his face so close to mine.

I really had to keep them closed when I saw how close that needle was to my face, and my palms began to sweat. Grabbing onto the arms of the chair, Deep breath in. Hold it. Exhale. Slight pinch. Done. There was no pain, I swear. It was like getting your ears pierced. I just looked at my now freshly pierced face in the mirror, and smiled.

I walked out of the parlor with my head held high, my glasses clipped to my shirt collar so it wouldn't even touch my fresh piercing. I went out to eat with my friends, and our waitress was actually grossed out by my piercing, asking Why I would get that where I did. I just laughed and said I feel more beautiful with it in than out.

Later on, I noticed the balls blended right in with my glasses, and I can say that I'm very happy with my bridge piercing, and I recommend it to anyone that is thinking of getting one.

Sadly, I had to take mine out after 7 months of having it in, because my glasses where causing it to heal at an angle. But when I get my contacts, you can bet I'll be getting it re-pierced so that I can rock out my bridge again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: JP
Studio: Ink+Link+Tattoos+and+Piercings
Location: West+Palm+Beach%2C+Florida

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