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To start off my name is Julie and I am 14. I first got into piercing's when I seen my friend who had her navel, and nose pierced. I loved it. But I new my parents hated them. So I researched for a while to make sure I wanted one. I decided that I wanted to get my navel pierced. So I new my parents couldn't complain much, because it didn't show.

When I asked my mom she of course said no! but I talked her into it. But then in the end I ended up not getting it since u had to be 16. so my mom said. But I didn't care about it any more. I decided I wanted something else. I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. I had seen a few people at school with them and some pictures on bme. But again I was terrified to ask my parents so I waited about a year. I still wanted it and researched it. I wanted to be prepared.

One day I went to my friends house that had her labret pierced and she decided that she wanted to pierce her right side of her lip herself. I didn't think she would do it but I didn't object. She did it and it made me want to get me eyebrow pierced even more. So I started planning ways to ask my parents. One day after I got my report card which was all A's and B's I asked my mom. At first she said NO! so I got mad and didn't talk 2 her for like a day. But that didn't work very long. So I slacked off for a week and decided that I would write her a letter and tell her why I wanted it and everything. It took another two days of not talking 2 them but it worked. They said yes! Finally!

I had to wait about 5 days to talked her into taking me. She wanted to put it off. But I was going to go after school one day. I wanted to go to this place called evolved because I had heard good things about them. But it was a little far away and my mom said she was going to take me to this place called land of oz. I hadn't heard anything about them and told her I didn't want to go there. But she said she would only take me there so I didn't object. My friend went with me( the one with her lip piercing's).

When we walked into Land of Oz my first thought was that it didn't smell clean like it was supposed to (I had read a lot of stories on bme). It kind of smelled like cigarettes. But I knew that my mom wouldn't let me back out, it was there or no where. So I sat in the chair, which was just in the middle of the room and was metal. Not comfortable. The guy got the needle and jewelry out. He didn't really give me a choice of what I wanted and didn't mark my eyebrow. He just pierced it. It hurt a little but not bad enough to not get it done. I looked in the mirror after wards and I didn't like it at all. He didn't pierce enough skin, and the barbell was really big. I was trying to listen to all the things he was saying but I started to see spots and my ears started ringing. The next thing I heard was "she fainted". And I was thinking no I didn't. but I was sitting down and I started to see better and my ears stopped ringing. That was the first time I had ever fainted. I payed $40 dollars because the guy insisted that he couldn't go any deeper than he had.

That night I was really upset because it was not that I wanted. I talked my mom into taking me to evolved the next day and seeing if they could do it better. After school I went to Evolved and I was getting really nervous. Because I knew what to expect now. And I thought it was going to hurt more. I went in and the piercer Kyle told me that I should take that out because it was going to reject. I knew that was going to happen and asked him if he could pierce it again. And he said he could next to it.

Evolved was so much cleaner than the other shop I went to. They were organized and more professional too. Kyle explained everything that he was going to do. So I knew that he knew what he was doing. He marked that spot with the purple ink, and asked me if I like it. I did. And he pinched my skin (he didn't use clamps) and put the needle in. it didn't hurt as bad as the first time. It took him like a second to do. And I was done. I looked in the mirror and loved it!

Kyle gave me the aftercare instructions and everything. He told me to use sea salt, which is what I had heard. The piercing was another $60. But it was worth it. It has only been about three days since I got it done but its doing great. There's no crusties or anything. It hasn't bled at all either.

I would definitely recommend Evolved to anyone. Kyle is an awesome piercer too. The Land of oz has nice people working there but its jut not sterile enough. This is a great piercing to get. I haven't had any problems with sleeping on it. I go back in a week and Kyle is going to put a smaller barbell in.

If you have any questions IM me on aim at animalover921992

Good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Kyle
Studio: land+of+oz%2C+and+Evolved
Location: Columbus%2C+Ohio

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