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My Brow Experience

There I was, two years ago, in Deep Image, a studio in South Lyon, Michigan, and as my friend was trying to figure out how to fix her belly button (she'd gotten drunk with some friends and pierced it the night before with a safety-pin, no I wasn't there) I saw it, the eyebrow ring. Of course I've seen one before, BME is like my second home and whenever I'm bored I'll just surf through for ideas, for tattoos and such that I'm going to get when I turn 21. For some reason, though, this one looked perfect on the person, just the right position, or maybe it was just the odd ring he had. Never before had I wanted one but now it was all I could think about. My parents are divorced and I live with my mom in Michigan but my dad live in Florida. My mom usually lets me get whatever I want done, she's not a young mom but she's pretty cool about everything. So when I told her she gave me the go ahead, but there was a problem. I was only 17 and couldn't legally get it done by myself and my mom was horrible around needle and blood, so she wouldn't take me.

I wasn't going to give up hope, though. A month or so later I went to Florida to stay with my dad over spring break, he had heard of my desires and was completely fine with it. So while I was visiting I hinted and hinted and hinted until finally he broke and told me to look around for some studios because he had no idea where any were. Then just my luck I was looking around and I found it: Deep Image! The same name as the studio I visit in Michigan! I thought it was prefect so I looked and saw it was only about 20 miles and the next day got some friends to drive me down to check it out. It looked clean, the lady at the counter helped me with all questions and seemed very knowledgeable about everything so I set an appointment for two days later and went home. Everything seemed perfect until I told my dad the great news. Then it crashed down, we where visiting my grandparents that day, and my dad did NOT want them to see it so he said no. I got very nervous because I didn't want to upset the studio by calling a bunch and changing dates and such, so I left it to chance and did nothing.

Finally the day came and I told my dad that I still had the appointment. He got very mad at first then decided that he didn't want to stay late at my grandparents. So we left for their house early and after everything there we went straight to the studio and just made the time. There was a person in front of me so I drank a little juice box my grandma had forced upon me, even though she didn't know where I was going after.

Well it finally came my turn and my dad filled out all the forms but waited for me in the lobby area. I was very scared because it was my first piercing (I don't even have my ears done) and being by myself made me very nervous. The woman was the same that greeted me at the counter a couple of days early and she made me feel right at home and very relaxed. I started talking freely while she marked the place. I decided I wanted it in a little more so we kept tweaking the spots until they were perfect, and she changed her gloves for about the 5th time. She put the clamps on and I tensed up. She took the clamps off and I relaxed, she did this a couple of times until I stopped tensing and then she did it. It did sting, a lot. But it wasn't a lot of pain and then putting in the ring hurt, but it was over fairly fast and after making sure I was feeling okay she took me out front to my dad. She read me the aftercare and went over everything thoroughly for me, I paid and thanked her and left. It bled for a couple of days and crusted for a couple of weeks. Everyone at school loved it though because I wasn't the first but I was one of the first so everyone wanted a look. I kept really good care of it and it's taken care of me, it's been two years and I haven't had any issues. I've had other piercings since, like my nose twice and then one of them rejected but my eyebrow was and will always be my first.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 March 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Deep+Image
Location: Florida

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