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"Good Work Ain't Cheap, Cheap Work Ain't Good"

So, I've always wanted my eyebrow to be pierced, ever since I was a much younger. My parent's were never "pro-piercing" so I knew I had to wait to move out before I could get it done. Now that I've been living on my own and I had some extra cash on hand, I figured it was time to finally get my desired piercing.

I decided to bring my boyfriend along so I wouldn't chicken out. Had he not been there, I probably would have driven past the studio with the thought of, "I'll go on another day." The only other piercings I have are ear lobe and frankly, I'm not a big fan of piercing guns or the hideous noises they make. As much as I wanted my eyebrow pierced, I was scared of me flinching and screwing up my face or getting a nasty infection. Since I work in retail, I wanted to make sure it would look professional and clean-cut, in a sense.

When we first walked through the entrance I noticed a sign up on the wall that said "Good Work Ain't Cheap, Cheap Work Ain't Good." Along with the facility being very clean and and tidy looking, I calmed down a bit. I was recommended to go to Classic as I knew a couple people who had tattoos, which turned out very nice, done there. A few days earlier I called my piercing-laden friend and asked for his advice on where I should get my piercing done and he also recommended Classic, so I also tried recalling what they had said about the studio. I was asked to fill out some paperwork and show my ID to prove I wasn't under-age. I drank down some more of my tea, which I thought could help me calm my nerves and waited for my piercer.

My piercing artist walked in, introduced himself and asked us to follow him. When I first walked into the room, I noticed how the room looked a lot like a nicely decorated, almost plush, doctor's office. I sat down on the cushioned table and Joey explained how he was going to do the piercing, the after care, and gave me a sheet with some added advice on aftercare. He put on some disposable gloves, and opened the sealed package where the needle he was going to use, to show me it really wasn't a big needle, only a 16 gauge. Joey also showed me the curved barbell that would be in my eyebrow for 4-6 weeks.

I asked a couple questions about if he was going to use a clamp, which he didn't, if he was going to use a hollow needle and attach the barbell to the end and pull the piercing through with one swoop, which is kind of what he did, I think. I didn't watch because I was told to close my eyes.

After that, he marked where he was going to pierce me, and reassured me of how experienced he was, that he went to school for it, how the eyebrow is not a difficult or troublesome piercing. He told me to lie down on the table, close my eyes and told me to breathe in my nose and out my mouth. Then he pushed the needle through my eyebrow and it was done like that. He gave me a quick "play by play" of what was happening but there really wasn't much to say. It hardly hurt and naturally it didn't make the hideous sound that piecing guns do. ;)

I looked in the mirror and it looked awesome. I mean, I wasn't expecting to be gushing blood and all, but I didn't realize how good it was going to look right away. I at least thought it would be swollen, but not even that happened. I thanked Joey and he told me to call the studio if I had any more questions or concerns and walked my boyfriend and I up to the front.

I went to school an hour later, then work afterwards. I was told it looked really good, no swelling, bruising, bleeding or anything. Many people said it looked like it had always been there. Many people were shocked to hear that I had only gotten the procedure done only an hour or two before-hand! One of my managers said it looked "so tasteful and cute". And I didn't have to worry about people staring at a badly done piercing either.

My experience was far better than I thought it would be. My lesson learned: paying the extra cash to get a piercing done right is worth it! In my opinion, going cheap on a piercing or tattoo and using that as an excuse for why it looks badly is just dumb. Personally, I'd rather have something done properly so that it looks good, something worth showing off. Like the sign said, "Good Work Ain't Cheap" but it sure is worth the money you pay for it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 March 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Joey
Studio: Classic+Tattoo
Location: Red+Deer

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