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So I have been wanting an anti eyebrow for so long now, I fell in love with them instantaneously. I spent ages on BME reading experiences and looking through pictures. I researched constantly and finally decided it was the right piercing for me.

One weekend down Camden I popped into Cold Steel to ask about it and they pretty much said to me there was no point me getting it done because I have no other facial piercing, (I have a labret and lip ring, but apparently this doesn't count,) but they said if I was serious they would figure something out for me. This I didn't like the sound of and left.

This experience had really put me off and at one point I decided against it all together. We lost the internet at home and in time I forgot about the whole idea.

About xmas time just gone we got the internet back at home and I became obsessed with the anti eyebrow again. I knew I wanted it, I had to have it. I just had to persuade my mum and my boyfriend and seeing as I had already been banned from getting a bridge I thought there was no chance in hell. My boyfriend was okay with it and he said if it was that important to me then it was fine by him. My mum was a definite no. I wasn't going to give up though, I had wanted it for too long to just give up. I argued my case and in the end all I had to do was show her some pictures and she agreed it was pretty and said I was ok to get it. I did a load of research on the net about different studios situated in London and the two best possibilities I came up with was Chioko and eclipse. I had a load of people recommend Chioko to me so this is where I was going to go.

So this past Friday I headed down to Camden with a friend and we went straight to Chioko. The size of the studio freaked me out a little because its so tiny in there and I was waiting ages before someone was ready to talk to me. By this time I was feeling nervous and I couldn't see anti eyebrow on the price list and was starting to get anxious. So I finally spoke to the lady in there and she basically told me the same cold steel had told me all those months ago. She said she wasn't prepared to do it at all because of all the risks that were involved which is fair enough I guess.

By the time I had come out of there I was feeling pissed and I beginning to have second thoughts about it again. We decided to walk around for abit and have something to eat so I could calm down. On the way back to the station I was feeling shit, I couldn't leave without getting it done, I know I would regret it for ages, even if I couldn't get it done I could at least get a conch because that's something else I have wanted for ages. With that thought in mind we turned back went to eclipse. As I walked down the stairs I had everything crossed hoping and praying they would do it.

I got to the desk and asked. Yes they did it! Because I was freaked out from the last place I asked every question I could think of everything from rejection rates, procedure and jewellery they used. The lady was very helpful and made me feel at ease. I handed over my id and £35 signed some forms and was told I'd be seen to in a minute.

I hate waiting, I am the most impatient person and I was starting to stress again. It seemed like an eternity had gone and passed before I was called in. It was only like 5 minutes though. When I got in to the room the lady told me to take a seat and she explained the whole procedure. She marked the placement and asked me to take a look in the mirror. It was perfect and I told her to continue.

She asked me to lay down and close my eyes. She tilted my head to the said and said I would feel a slight pinch. She then asked me to breathe in and she pushed the needle through. The pain was minimal and I felt quite pleased with myself. It did only feel like a pinch.

Next she had to put the jewellery through, we went through the same procedure as before and she pushed it through. This hurt quite a little compared to the needle but it was ok.

I jumped up and took a look in the mirror. It was perfect. I was so happy. She ran through the aftercare procedure with me, I said my thank yous and left.

Everyone who has seen it likes it so far. My little sister was a bit disgusted but that's to be expected really. Its been 3 days now and its healing okay, very sore still and it doesn't help that I have just caught the worst cold ever.

I just really hope it doesn't reject, I want it to stay around for awhile. All I got to do now is show my Nan..........

I would like to add, I found Eclipse to be a very good studio. The people in there were very welcoming and really know what they are talking about. People have always told me such bad things about Eclipse but I found nothing wrong with them at all. It just shows you cant believe everything you hear.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 March 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: A+nice+lady
Studio: Eclipse
Location: Camden%2C+London

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