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One quick thrust and a woozy walk.

A long long time ago in a city far away...hang on this is an article for BME not a bed time story ^_^

This experience did take place a long time ago, 7 years to be exact. It was 2000 and I was 15 years old, even though I had been quite rebellious I had never taken much of a step into body modification. I don't know why I adored (and still do) tattoos and piercings but the most I had ever accomplished was a self done nose ring (which my mother made me remove as I was 13) and a few home poked tattoos done by none other than yours truly. But on that sunny day in September I decided today was the day.

So myself and 2 others caught the train into town. The great thing about Primitive is that it's directly across the street from the train station and is easily accessible. None of us had any piercings so we were all really nervous and absolutely clueless about sterilisation and procedures. We had ended up choosing Primitive because of its close proximity to public transport, definitely not the way to pick a piercing studio. I am really glad we walked there though and not one of the other questionable piercing places. In my opinion primitive is the best place in Perth. Apart from body piercing Primitive also offers henna, branding, scarification, traditional hand tattooing and bead implants.

We walked in to the reception area and it was really cool. The place had a great balance of jewellery display cabinets and tribal art objects. It's a warm and welcoming shop with a great seating area which comes in handy if your legs feel like jelly. Of course I didn't appreciate any of it at the time, I was absolutely packing it!

I had also gone in with no idea as to what I wanted to get pierced. I was tossing up between my eyebrow, lip or tongue. I decided against my tongue as I wanted to keep it hidden from my Mum and any lisping would have been picked up on. My Mum is very anti body modification. When the piercer was asking what we were having done so she could pick out the jewellery I blurted out eyebrow on the spur of the moment. That's how I decided given the opportunity again I would have done some research and thought about what I wanted and I mean really thought about it, instead of the 30 minutes I gave it.

On shaky legs I followed the piercer up a small spiral staircase. The stair case opens up on to the third floor which is spacious and pleasantly decorated. All of the piercing rooms are separate so I settled in and my piercer explained what she was doing. She marked my eyebrow and asked me about the position, honestly I don't think I even took it in, just gave a quick nod to signal I was ready. Anything more involved and I would have lost my lunch. Everything was opened from sterile packets in front of me after being checked over.

The clamp was placed (seriously this is the worst part having a huge clamp hanging of your face) and the needle was thrust through in one quick motion. Not to bad not to bad at all. Unfortunately there was no curved bar in the right size so I had a ring. Squeezing that into shape was a bit uncomfortable. Then it was all done and it looked awesome I loved it!
Then I sat up and everything spun, 'I feel a bit dizzy' these few words and the piercer was there at my side trying to push me onto my back with my saying 'no no I'm fine' o_0. Finally she got me to lie down and explained it was the adrenalin making me woozy and just to relax while she did the other girls piercings.

After a while I took my shaky walk down the spiral staircase (I couldn't remember it being so small and windy). We received aftercare instructions (this involved saline soaks, general cleaning and the invitation to call if we experienced any problems or had questions), thanked the piercer and stepped out into the sunshine. I felt 10 times better once I got some fresh air and something to drink.

I showed my Mum as soon as I got home and was greeted with the response 'It makes you look like a slut'. I never understood the reasoning that body modification makes you promiscuous but in my Mum's eyes it does. I was really hurt by her comment but came to realise it's just a parent thing and that I wasn't going to be dictated to what I should and should not do with my own body.

Unfortunately after not even a year later my eyebrow ring was retired due to starting a crappy little job. My only regret was getting a ring my hair got tangled around it all the time and I kept catching it on clothes and jewellery. Big ouch nearly ripping out a fresh piercing.

It was a really positive experience and I would go back there in a second. I'm 21 now and still fairly empty of body mods. I'm working on a half sleeve at the moment and stretching my ears (very very slowly) and looking into getting my conch and madonna done in the next couple of months. I will be going back to Primitive more than likely as I had such a positive first experience.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Primitive+Body+Piercing
Location: Perth+WA

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