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European eyebrow ring

I'm not really sure where to start.

I'm a Christian kid, and I'm Asian, as are my parents. Those are two huge strikes against getting a piercing of any type. I even fought my parents on getting my upper ear pierced (which never ended up happening). I'm also really lucky. I went to Europe on a school trip for two weeks in my last year of high school. Prague happened to be my favorite city, for several reasons. One: it's beautiful. Two: we spent a lot of time there, and really got to explore the city on our own. And three: it's where I got my eyebrow pierced.

It was on the first day in Europe when my friend mentioned getting his ears or his nipples pierced. We started talking about it and my love for piercings was rekindled. I hadn't thought about getting anything done since about the 10th grade, when I wanted my upper ear and my lip done. My parents said no to both. So, thinking...kind of stupidly...I blurted out that maybe I could get my eyebrow pierced since we had never discussed that.

It was kind of a joke at first.

But my friend was serious.

So we set out some rules. 1. We had to "stumble" upon a place. Who wants to spend their entire trip in Europe just searching for a place to get pierced? 2. The place had to be clean. Really, really clean. 3. They had to speak decent English.

The trip was wonderful. It was a music trip so we saw all sorts of Mozart related museums and graves and castles and monestaries and churches. I thought about the piercings only in my sleep. Europe consumed me...the sights, the smells and the sounds.

It wasn't until the last day when on a walking tour, we passed a shop called "Tattoos, Brandings and Piercings." Pretty fitting. We went back after the tour and took a peak inside. Super clean. Like a doctor's office. Maybe cleaner. That was two out of three.

We talked to the guy working at the desk and he sort of brokenly, in English, told us to wait. We looked at each other thinking, maybe it wasn't meant to be. I mean, we really needed these people to be able to tell us how to take care of our piercings! But we waited, and it was a good thing too! The person who actually did our piercings spoke great English - she was super nice. We were in a more touristy part of Prague, so it seemed like maybe she dealt with customers like us all the time.

I got a small 16g barbell in my eyebrow. I didn't have enough money to buy cleaning solution, so I used Q-tips and hand sanitizer to wash it back at the hotel. No problems on the first day. I slept on it though, the first night, and it stung for the rest of the next day, but only when I thought about it and only when stupid people on the trip decided to poke at it.

That was just a little over six months ago. I've really had no problems since, minus the 3 or 4 rings/balls I've lost in the shower or in bed. But I'm retiring the piercing now so I can get what I initially wanted. A lip ring. I'm retiring it because I feel like there would be just a little too much metal in my face with them both in. In retrospect, I wish I had just went for the lip ring to begin with because I was grounded for a month for the eyebrow ring.

Since the piercing, I have felt little to no social stigma. A ton of my Christian friends don't really like it, and they'll make fun of it, but it's just in good fun. I only wear the barbell to church, and most of the adults don't really seem to even notice it. People at school either didn't care or they loved it. My family barely notices it.

I went to university this September, and I was finally able to play around with different jewelry. My personal favorite is the horseshoe.

I admit my rationalization of the piercing in Europe was not mature, since I did it behind my parents back (I've already begun to push the idea of a lip ring on them...luckily, I don't live at home anymore). But I don't regret it at all. I've had it out for about 3 days now and I just tested...it still hasn't closed over (note: I can go years without wearing earrings and my holes still don't close), so maybe my piercing isn't retired after all. It's just taking a break while I get something different.

Hopefully you'll get to read about a Toronto Lip Ring soon...:)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Feb. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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