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Smack, right in the middle of my face

As any other story goes, I had that urge that any modified person gets from time to time, to get a fresh piercing. And it was my sisters birthday not to long ago, we'd just gone up to see her and give her presents. In our family we have a tradition of giving the sibling something as well so they don't feel left out, nothing to big though. My mums ex had given me some money, £50 to be exact. So I decided the next day, as I was going to be in the city centre anyway I'd get a bridge piercing. I'd wanted one for ages, ever since my sister showed me the pictures of BME before she got it, and I always admired hers when she had it. Since then she's taken hers out and seemed all right with me getting it. I always feel bad about getting piercings she has or has had but I've pretty much had all the ones she's had by now...

So my friend, Manda, and me met up, and headed into town, we did the stuff she needed to do before heading to Kazbah. When we got to Kazbah I asked to get my bridge pierced, and was pleasantly surprised when it was cheaper than I thought it was, £20, not bad, and Kazbah is a good studio. I've had the majority of my piercings done there. I had a chat with the lady behind the counter before heading up the stairs.

This is one of those piercings I got really scared about before hand cause it seems like it'd hurt a lot. So we headed up stairs and Pete was standing there, the familiar surroundings comforted me. I told him what I wanted and took a seat. He marked the placements on either side of my bridge and I made sure that it was where I wanted them. They were, so I asked Pete to put small balls on and he set everything up. I could see the needle and the jewellery laid out on the tray near the bed where I was sitting.

He put on a pair of gloves and got the needle out. Pete asked if I was ready, I grabbed the side of the bed and squeezed, I answered yes and closed my eyes. I felt the needle go in, along with a sharp pain. It wasn't too bad. I could feel the needle being pushed through slowly, but I couldn't feel any pain. Then I felt the sharp pain as the needle was pushed out again, Pete trimmed the needle down and put the bar in, I opened my eyes, as Pete was putting the other ball on. He had to move it around to be able to put the ball on because it's quite fiddly. Once the ball was on, I looked in the mirror, and I loved it, it looked just right.

All in all I found the piercing it's self pretty painless. There was a bit of pain as to be expected, but I felt it more when the jewellery was being put in.

Manda and I made our way down the stairs again, and got talking to the lady again, and she said that she liked out look, and if we were in London we'd be getting stopped and asked to have our pictures taken, but as we live in Leicester everyone just keeps their head down.

Later that night I went to a friend's band's gig, by this time I had gotten used to the balls in the corners of my eyes and could no longer see them, which I thought strange as I was told it takes ages to get used to the balls. I had completely forgotten I had a new piercing right in the middle of my face and put my hand against my nose in a sort of Homer Simpson "doh" manner, and hit the piercing. This was the most pain I felt since I got it pierced and till now, the pain didn't last long but I have a feeling that it changed the placement of one of the balls, and I woke up this morning with crusted blood around the left side of it.

I haven't started cleaning it as I leave it until the night the next day, but I will be using salt water as that has worked well with my other piercings.

If anyone is thinking about getting this piercing, I really do recommend it. I've had it for just over 24 hours and I am in love with it. But, if you do want to get it done, but you don't like having squiff piercings make sure you go somewhere that has done them before or who you trust, because they do seem to be a piercing that is very hard to get perfect.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Pete
Studio: Kazbah
Location: Leicester%2C+England

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