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My second brow ring

I love piercings and I always have but when you go awhile with out getting one you forget the satisfaction that they can bring you. In the past I had received eight professional piercings and god knows how many self done (But those are not smart and should never be done be done) but that is not nearly enough for me I needed more and still do need more.

The other day I got a call from a friend who wanted to get a piercing but no one would go with him naturally I jumped at this as a chance to get myself a new one. So we went to the closest shop he said it was a decent place he got a piercing there 2 years ago. So we took a quick drive and pulled up to this little place in the center of town. The small shop blended in with all the other businesses surrounding it I was not to impressed but I was not complaining it was clean and that's what is really important.

We went in and we where greeted by a girl that I would imagine to be an apprentice at the shop, she asked what we wanted then disappeared. She set up for my piercing first, I was getting another eyebrow piercing. About 20 minutes later the man who was doing the piercing finally came out from the back room of the shop and did a little more setting up. He took at least another ten minutes before things where under way. In all this time I did get a chance to look at the shops flash sadly I did not see any thing I really liked and I prefer drawing my own tattoos any way.

The shop was empty and we did not need to make appointments there where none made for that afternoon. The only people inside the shop besides me and my buddy worked there. After a little while two kids walked in and chatted with the apprentice girl for a while then left the shop I would imagine that they where just friends and not looking for any work they did not look they where any way at least not on this particular occasion.

At no point did any one in the shop try to check our IDs or ask us our age I guess they assumed that we where both 18 or older. We where but they did not verify it at all in the time they wasted or even after they did the piercings.

I sat on a stool and after a while I finally had the marks drawn on and was ready to go. One major difference in this piercing from my last brow ring was the fact that he did not clamp my eyebrow. I do not know if your suppose to but it was an observation I had made. Next thing I knew I was at the familiar place where there is a needle hanging in your field of vision and there is a little cork dangling at the end of it. My friend happened to walk out of the bathroom at the point and we both laughed. Then he slid the barbell in screwed the balls on and I was good to go.

A few days later I got decent sized bruise under my eyebrow that lasted quite a while. It completely filled the space between my eye and eyebrow and it changed many different colors. It is still not completely gone but it is very hard to see now you have to look for it behind all the hair that is usually in my face. When the bruise first appeared I looked it up and found out that that is normal but it did not happen with my first piercing so I was a little bit concerned and wondered if this went with the different piercing method.

My friends piercing went well as far as I know and he has not had any problems with it. He decided to get his nipple pierced on this particular occasion. After the piercings we got some buffalo chicken pizza which was amazingly delicious, I always have the best food for some reason after any modification.

Now the bruise is pretty much gone and I have two amazing looking barbells sitting in my eyebrow. I can not wait until its fully healed and I can put some different things in there make it all nice nice, this shop did not have much of a selection only one 16 gauge barbell which is fine but I prefer spikes over ball ends. I have rekindled my love for piercings and I plan on getting a lot more this year although I think I am going to try to find myself a different shop and perhaps find a piercer who will do all my piercings from here on out.


submitted by: kingshortpants
on: 02 Feb. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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