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"Will it hurt...?"

Even though I've wanted my bridge for longer than I've wanted any other piercing, it was the last one I've gotten, following snakebites, a Monroe, two basic lip piercings, a nostril, a septum, ears to 5/8", and a punched and tapered vertical Madison.

I guess the main reason I didn't get it yet was because 2 years back I started dating a guy who hated bridge piercings.

For Christmas, he offered to pay for me to get a piercing; what we had been planning on was to get my septum redone. I'd had my septum done before, and the experience had not gone so well and I removed it within the week. I really liked it, but it had been done crooked and through the cartilage as opposed to the infamous "sweet spot."

An hour before we went to go to the studio, I decided against the septum and convinced my boyfriend to let me get my bridge done. He seemed hesitant, but I'm guessing didn't want to seem like an ass.

We showed up to a shop in Halo, where the woman who had done my snakebites and Monroe was working.

When we entered the shop, I asked the man who walked out, "Is the piercer here?" on account of him not looking so familiar.

He gestured to himself and said, "That's me."

I was surprised to see a stranger in the shop, but I shrugged and approached the counter anyways, telling him I wanted my bridge done.

He turned around and scanned the board for the price before saying, "Hmm, it's not up there. I'm going to say $50," which was perfect and exactly what I was expecting.

He then explained that he was a vising piercer from a shop in Iowa, and that he'd be coming back later in January.

After paying and filling out the paperwork, I started asking a million questions.

"Will it swell?"

"A little bit. We'll give you some room on the jewelry, but bridge's normally don't swell. But I did have one guy whose bridge swelled to twice the size it normally was."

"Will I bruise around my eyes?"

"No, I won't use clamps unless I have to." (I was WAY excited to have a freelance piercer, as I'd never had one before.)

"Will I be able to see the balls?"

"If you look at them."

"What will it feel like in comparison to other piercings?"

"There's not a lot in there, but it's meaty."

(And then the amazingly embarrassing question all wimps ask.) "Will it hurt?"

"Not really."

We couldn't locate any 16 g jewelry, which was honestly fine by me. All of my other jewelry had been 16, but since I knew this piercing may be a little shallow (I have sort of a small nose) that thicker jewelry would heal better. He took out 2 14 g barbells...one was 1/2", one was 7/16". The 1/2" had much bigger balls on the ends, and he explained that if I chose the shorter jewelry with the smaller balls, I'd have to pay a lot of attention to the swelling. He said he had faith in me, so we decided on the 7/16".

While discussing all this, he eyed down my recently retired vertical Madison and talked to me about the scarring.

He took a while marking my nose, and let me decide between a shallower one and a deeper one, and I chose the deeper one.

He then had me lay on my back and do the breathing thing, in through my nose and out through my mouth.

I started to get nervous, as I do before any piercing, and held out my hand for my boyfriend to hold.

The piercer stood behind me holding the needle and placed a receiving tube on the left side of my bridge, and told me to keep breathing while he lined up the needle.

"Okay, now two deep breaths, and I'll start on the second exhale."

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale...

I felt a small, hardly noticeable pinch next to my right eye, and could sort of feel as he slowly slid the needle through the middle stuff, which I didn't feel at all. I felt a somewhat sharper pinch as the needle exited the left, and then it was over.

I didn't feel the jewelry transfer even as I knew it was happening, and the next thing I knew he was telling me to sit up and look at it.

I mo'fuckin loved it instantly. Even my boyfriend, who had been set against it for 2 years, liked it. Even my mom liked it afterwards, even though she said I looked like a crossbreed of a character from Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (she watches a lot of daytime TV).

He then took a few pictures and gave me 2 of his cards to his shop in Iowa and told me to look up their website and MySpace (which I did: omegaredpiercing.com). He said next time he came he'd be bringing some organic plugs, which got me excited, since not a lot of places sell decent jewelry around Central New York.

It only hurts a wee bit now when I have surprised eyebrows, and swelling is very minimal. Any discharge I remove with a Q Tip soaked in hot water and sea salt.

Soo. There's that.


submitted by: cuntasaurus
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Visiting+piercer+from+Omega+Red
Studio: Halo
Location: Dewitt%2C+New+York

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