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New Bridge!

Well, it's exam season here, and I hate the damn things, so i tend to procrastinate as much as possible instead of doing the sensible thing and studying, so that is what I did yesterday when I went and got my bridge pierced.

Now, the problem is that I'm a habitual sort, and so the cast majority of my holes were created by the same person, except he's no longer piercing (long story, but he's fed up of it, and quit about 6 months ago), so it's more awkward to get poked by someone I know and respect.

I decided yesterday morning that the itch just had to be scratched, and that I'd go down to the studio, and if the guy I knew was in, I'd get my bridge pierced, and if not, I'd just get my nostril done. Armed with this, I set off down to see who was about.

As I walked into the studio I saw Keith, the man I was looking for "Alright mate" says I, "fancy doin me bridge?". He was just on his way out of the door for lunch, but mentioned that the other guy piercing in there was excellent (I didn't know him), and that he'd do it with no problem at all.

"No bother" said I, and filled out the appropriate forms, and got ready to wait. After couple of minutes, another girl who works there came out (she's the housemate of an ex of mine, so I know her pretty well), and said "If you let me do your bridge, it'll be free, cos I've not done any before". Well, I don't need much time to decide if I want a freebie, and as I know she wouldn't fuck me, I agreed right away.

After a few more minutes of waiting, I was good to go, so into the piercing room I went, and sat down, and out came the purple ink and the toothpick for a bit of face painting! The marking up took quite a lot of time, as Kaye wanted to get it spot on, and we went through a few different placements before we found one that was the best. A quick check from Patrick (the voice of experience), and we were good to go.

-I should point out at this time that I'd decided to go for a 2.4mm barbell in his one. I have a pretty long face, and like larger jewelry, so thought it wouldn't look out of place, and it also looks a little more hardcore than a thin little one, which is a bonus :)

Once my nose was all marked up, it was down to the massaging -and it's not that bad having a pretty lady rubbing your nose up I can tell you! After a little more consultation with the voice of experience on the best place to hold the skin, it was time to get the actual needle in.

It was this point that I closed my eyes (partly to keep the contact lenses in if my eyes started to water, and partly to stop myself going cross-eyed to see what was happening), and started to take big deep breaths. I felt my nose being pinched, and a bit of a pause as everything got lined up, then a few more pinches, and the needle was in! It was surprisingly uneventful actually, as for some reason I'd got it into my head that it would be as intense as a septum pierce, but it was very manageable, and no problem at all. The jewelry followed pretty quickly after, and didn't hurt at all really, and after that was the small matter of screwing on the ball, and a little swab down to remove the purple marks and the tiny bit of blood.

It swelled up pretty instantly -not a huge amount, but noticeable enough to put my nose a little out of shape, but the visit to the pharmacy to pick up a bumper pack of neurofen to combat it (there's no pain to manage however), and it was off to home to look at some law notes!

A day in, and the swelling has gone down quite a bit, so my nose is looking more like it should, and the only downside is that I can see the balls out the corners of my eyes, and I find myself going cross-eyed every now and then to try and get a better look at it.

As an added bonus, I've found that my glasses don't get in the way of it at all, even with it swollen as it is, and in fact, still looks great with my specs on, as they almost totally hide it, and you only get it peeking out every now and then.

All in all, a good experience, and I reckon I'll be visiting Kaye for a few more holes, and maybe some mod experiments in the near future!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Kaye
Studio: Celestial+Ring
Location: Dublin

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