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My first piercing, other than the ears

When I was 14, I wanted to get something pierced, other than my ears, but my mom didn't want me to get anything done. Finally after much talking and arguing, she agreed to let me get my eyebrow pierced. I was quite excited about it and couldn't wait to go and get it. We went out and drove around looking for a piercing place and found one in NY. We went in to check it out, but when they asked me my age, I was sad to find out you had to be 16.

I was going to visit my grandma that night in Jersey, so I asked my mom if we could find a place in Jersey and see if the age is any different. She said that she would be ok with this, so we headed out. We found a place in West Milford, and again when we went in, they said you had to be sixteen.

I was extremely disappointed about the age thing and wasn't looking forward to waiting two long years to get it done. Surprisingly, it went by fast.

Two years later, after re-convincing my mom to let me get my left eyebrow done, I went for it again. I went to get it done the day after my birthday with my mom. We found a place in Middletown, NY through the phone book, and went to check it out.

We got there and it seemed like a good place, so we went in. The girl at the counter asked me what I wanted to get done today and I told her my eyebrow. Then she asked me how old I was and if I had my birth certificate and picture ID. I had only brought my birth certificate with me because I didn't think about needing a picture ID, so I had to move getting it pierced to the next day.

My dad took me back to the same place the next day and I brought my yearbook which they said I could do for a picture ID since I didn't have any others. This was the first day that he had even heard about me wanting to get my eye brow pierced and he didn't really want me to get it done, but he said he'd be ok with it.

I was getting really nervous, but was still going to go through with it because I wanted it really badly. I filled out the papers and then had my dad sign them. Then the apprentice called me into a side room where there was a chair that looks like the ones you find in the dentist office places. I sat down and the girl cleaned the area and marked it. I said it looked good, and she said the piercer would have to check it, which I was ok with. The piercer came in and moved the mark over a tiny bit.

She started telling me some things, but I can't really remember what they were because I was really nervous and couldn't pay attention to what she was saying, I just kept nodding my head.

Then, she numbed the area, and clamped it; I thought the clamp was the actual piercing because it hurt more than the piercing, which I find funny. Then, she counted to three and pushed the needle through, which I didn't feel at all. She showed me the finished product which I thought was awesome.

She told me about aftercare instructions which I couldn't pay attention to, which wasn't that good, because I was still dizzy from the nervousness from before. Thankfully, she gave me a paper with what I had to do on it.

When I got up to go out to the counter and pay, I felt dizzy but I didn't say anything about it to my dad. I came out of the room and my dad looked at it and rolled his eyes and laughed. When the apprentice looked up at me to tell me how much it was she went and got me a chair because she said all the color was gone from my face. I didn't pass out, which is good and I only almost did because I was so nervous. It didn't hurt at all and I love my new piercing!

I tipped the piercer and decided that any other piercing I get from now on will be at that place. According to my dad though, I'm not getting any other piercings until I'm 18. Fortunately, he doesn't live with me and doesn't communicate with my mom all the time about stuff I'm aloud to do and not aloud to do.

Tomorrow I'm getting my navel pierced which I'm nervous about, but I think it will go good. I'm not going to tell anyone about that one, except my mom until after it's done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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