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My 1st Eyebrow Piercing (FAILED)

 I've always wanted a facial piercing. I had already had two piercings in each ear, but I wanted something a little more unusual, something a little more noticeable. I had asked my mother on my 16th birthday if I could get a labret piercing in my lip. My mother had told me she'd never agree to letting me get anything pierced. But who listens to mothers? Besides, I was 18 at the time, and thus free to do whatever I pleased. I had seen Big Daddy Cadillac's quite a lot since I had moved to Lawrence to attend college, so I decided to drop in on them one day, after I had received enough student aide that I could afford the piercing as well. I also changed my mind from a labret to a vertical eyebrow piercing, because I wanted something a little more noticeable.

I was extremely nervous. My friend Chanda had had a bad experience with an eyebrow piercing before. During the piercing the needle had stuck, and they had to pierce her again. I had classic symptoms, sweaty everything, shaky voice. I get that way with imminent pain. As soon as I walked in, the clean smell of the place made me a little queasy. It was almost unbearably clean. It smelled cleaner than a hospital, which I took as a sign that I was in a good place. I talked to the receptionist, and at that point I was certain she would say, "we can do it right now," so that I couldn't back out of it. But, unfortunately for me, she said the piercer was out of the office. So, I had to wait for a while. I left without my piercing.

I went back about 2 days later and experienced the whole nervous thing again. The receptionist took my driver's license, made a copy, had me sign the papers, and I paid for the piercing up front. Then she directed me to a room toward the back. I felt a little light-headed on the way back. It was now or never.

The piercer was a woman, so I felt a little more comfortable. She asked me whether I wanted a curved or straight barbell. Me, being completely oblivious to mods, said I didn't know. She picked the curved, because she said there would be less chance of migration. When the moment of truth came, I panicked and asked if the two friends I brought along could come in and watch. That gave me a little boost, knowing my huge ego wouldn't allow me to cry. She placed the clamps on me and I closed my eyes. She asked me if I wanted her to count to three. I said no, just do it. That way I wouldn't tense up right before she stuck the needle in. I focused entirely on not making a single noise or movement. A second passed, and I admit there was a little sting, but I had no clue the needle was actually in. I opened my eyes and she was already putting the jewelry in. My friends were looking at me smiling and asking if it hurt. I told them no, until a second later when I felt a little pressure. The piercer had gotten the barbell in, but dropped the top ball. So she had to open another jewelry packet. Another contribution to the cleanliness of the place.

I had some swelling for about 4 days afterward, and I thought it was healing fine. I cleaned it with Witch Hazel on a Q-tip at least 3 times a day. I had little crusty things on it every other day or so when I woke up, but I figured it was normal. Everyone was obsessed with it, and I was immensely pleased with myself.

Everything was going swell... until I started to go a little crazy. I don't recall how long they told me to wait until I changed the barbell, but it seemed unbearably long to me. Then I went to this place on Mass Street and procured a box with 5 barbells in on sale, for $8. Then I just had to change it. Then I started touching it more and more, without really intending to. Then I started seeing more and more of the barbell on both the top and bottom of my piercing. I had heard a few warnings from people who had theirs pierced about this thing called migration. They said if it started to happen to take it out immediately, because if you didn't, it would fall out on it's own and leave you with an ugly scar completely through your eyebrow. So, I decided to just remove it, after a good 3 or so months with a beautiful piercing.

I strongly suggest to anyone who is going to get this piercing that you do your homework, try to focus on not touching it, and cleaning it very properly. Do not try to skip ahead as if your piercing is healed. I would also suggest getting an internally threaded barbell. Because mine was threaded at the end of the post, and it hurt like a bitch to take out. If something funky is happening with your piercing, go straight back to your piercer.

If I had done these things, I'd probably still have my piercing, rather than a stupid scar on my eyebrow.

Since my piercing experience, I've chalked it up to being hugely misinformed, because the piercing place was fantastically clean, courteous, and professional. It's also a tattoo parlor, and I'd recommend Big Daddy Cadillac's to anyone who's considering getting either in Lawrence. My friend got his first tattoo there, and they did a fantastic job.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: a+girl
Studio: Big+Daddy+Cadillac%27s+Piercing+%26+Tattoo
Location: Lawrence%2C+KS

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