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Getting My Eyebrow Done

 I have always been fascinated by piercings, ever since I was little I was in to body modification, the art of it, the feeling it gives you, ect...

I don't know why I am so fascinated by piercings. It's just something I love. Almost as much as I love my music. One reason is because you have to go through something to get it. You can't just go buy a piercing and you have it. You have to endure physical pain in order to achieve your goal. And then the feeling after you get it done. It's awesome. You feel so good because of what you went through for your passion.

For my sixteenth birthday, my parents allowed me to get my eyebrow pierced. It was either my lip (not labret), bridge, or septum. I chose my eyebrow because I work in food service and it is probably the most easy to hide out of the three. I can just put a retainer in it once it's healed and be good to go. So I had finally decided what I wanted to get, and we left Lake City, which is about a half an hour away from where I got my piercing, and headed to Red Wing.

Well, I went to my piercer Myk, which is how he spells his name, at Body Accents in Red Wing, Minnesota. When I walked in to the shop I was well greeted and they helped me out with everything, which was very cool. Myk is a pretty cool guy with lots of experience. He is about thirty-five years old. He is very friendly, he tells a lot of jokes which is cool and makes you pretty comfortable, even though you know he is about to shove a piece of medal through your flesh. But still, he made me feel very comfortable and welcome.

He ran me through all the information, how to clean it, how to stay clean. He told me about how eyebrows are there to keep dirt from falling in to your eyes so it is especially important to keep them clean. He told me about the rejection rate of eyebrows and that I may get some bruising or even a black eye because there are a lot of blood vessels around the eye. We went ahead and signed the consent form and the contract, ect... I picked out my jewelry I wanted to use. I picked a captive bead ring because it gives the piercing a little more room to breath, but it's all personal preference. In the end I tipped him about fifteen bucks, thanked him, and left.

He took me back to the room and had everything set up and told me to sit down. He put the same old uncomfortable clamp on my eyebrow and then pierced it. The next couple of days were fine, but all of the sudden on Halloween night, my eyebrow just started to swell up. I have no idea why. I was doing three, ten minute, sea salt soaks a day, I kept good personal hygine, and washed my hands frequently. It was swollen so much that I could barely open my eye. Well, I went to the hospital to get some anti-biotics but my doctor told me he didn't know what it was, but he gave me a weeks worth of anti-biotics anyway. I took them and the swelling went down, eventually back to normal. Now my eyebrow is fine, pretty much fully healed. But that situation was not very fun considering that it WAS my eye I was dealing with and going to school was a pretty fun time, with my eye swelled shut and everything. Everybody was like "What happened to your eye?!?!" I simply replied... "You should have seen the other guy".

I had my eyebrow pierced about three months ago now. I love it. It is probably the favorite piercing that I have. I want more but I have to wait until I am eighteen, which is cool with me because I do live under my parents roof. There have been a few incidents where I have caught it on my shirt while getting ready to shower, but nothing too major, I continue to clean it with sea salt and I keep very good personal hygine. I still love piercings. I would love to become a professional. I am addicted to the metal. The pain of getting a piercing is what makes the whole thing worth while. I love the feeling you get before you get something pierced. I love the feeling during, and I love the feeling afterwards. It's great.

I encourage people to get piercings, tattoos, ect... It makes a statement and allows you to be different. There are so many choices in piercings and body art, it's amazing. A tattoo can symbolize a death, a love, and even a memory. Piercings can be the same as well.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Myk
Studio: Body+Accents
Location: Red+Wing%2C+Minnesota

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